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21/02/2010, 17:52
Aurora Jolie - Butt$ & Bl@ck$ - Anal Professional



http://img123.picfoco.com/thumb/1289229309.jpeg (http://img123.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1289229309&q=)

We here at The Brazzers are looking to kill ya'll this
summer with some real heat! So for your pleasure and anal
fantasies here is the ever so sexy Aurora Jolie aka Nicara!
Amazing tits and an ass that a man can only dream about...
this broad is lethal! She gets her ass fucked so hard it
instantly began creaming! I hope you enjoy it half as much
as she did!

Size: 129 MB
Duration: 28:34
Type: MP4


21/02/2010, 17:53
Britney Stevens - H0t Ch1cks B1g @ss3s - Fresh Big Ass



http://img130.picfoco.com/thumb/761242856.jpeg (http://img130.picfoco.com/img.php?id=761242856&q=)

Our new friend Britney brought her big ass over and wanted to
take a dip in the pool. Little did she know that there is a
price to pay. We made Britney finish up some of the cleaning
and we enjoyed watching the big ass from all angles. After
changing into her bikini there was one more thing she needed
to do before jumping in, check out the video and see how we
made good use of this amazing big ass.

Size: 209 MB
Duration: 46:25
Type: MP4


21/02/2010, 17:54
Georgia Peach - H0t Ch1ck$ B1g @ss3s - Big Butt Gets Anal



http://img136.picfoco.com/thumb/1694393638.jpeg (http://img136.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1694393638&q=)

Georgia came in with stockings with a big opening from the back
exposing her big butt cheeks. This slut knows she has a nice big
ass, and drove us crazy with it. After teasing us with her booty,
we slapped a cock in her mouth and made her suck it. We then
spread open her big ass, and put the cock deep inside her dirty
hole and rammed her hard until it was time for the cum to go on
her pretty face.

Size: 121 MB
Duration: 26:56
Type: MP4


21/02/2010, 17:56
Heidi Mayne - D0ct0r @dv3ntur3s - Doctor Mayne's DIrty Little Secret



http://img122.picfoco.com/thumb/1002176748.jpeg (http://img122.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1002176748&q=)

Doctor Mayne was in the office today and boy is she a slutty
professional. She turned Zane into a drugged sex slave. In
no time she had his cock in her mouth, in between her tits
and in her pussy. Zane fucked the shit out of her and made
his annual check up worth it. Leaving her in her office alone
and cum drenched.

Size: 188 MB
Duration: 41:32
Type: MP4


21/02/2010, 17:57
Holly Halston - M0mmy G0t B00b$ - Big Bold Booby Trap



http://img132.picfoco.com/thumb/21238780.jpeg (http://img132.picfoco.com/img.php?id=21238780&q=)

Holly Halston owns a beautiful ranch with horses, other farm
animals, and she also has a daughter. Her daughter is a little
bit slutty and always brings home guys with huge dicks. Like
mother like...daughter Holly passed on her slutty behaviors to
her daughter. Holly benefits from this because she very
captivating tits that she uses to steal her daughters boyfriends
away. Keiran falls right into Holly's booby trap (pun intended)
and everyone goes home happy, except for holly's daughter who
is already at home, alone.

Size: 155 MB
Duration: 34:29
Type: MP4


21/02/2010, 17:59
Jenny Hendrix - B1g T1t$ 1n Sp0rts - Jugg-of-War



http://img129.picfoco.com/thumb/917975987.jpeg (http://img129.picfoco.com/img.php?id=917975987&q=)

Jenny is the champion of Jugg-of-War and today she's defending
her title against two opponents... Little does she know that
the second contender is Dane Cross, and he's not planning on
going easy on the big-titted champion.

Size: 147 MB
Duration: 31:41
Type: MP4


21/02/2010, 18:00
Tia Sweets - Butt$ & Bl@ck$ - Sweet and Cold



http://img129.picfoco.com/thumb/1938065221.jpeg (http://img129.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1938065221&q=)

Ice Cold is back at it again but this time he may have met his
match in Tia Sweets. She looks sweet as heaven with an ass to
match but she rides dick dirty!!!She rode him so good my man
came twice!Don't get it twisted though, Ice cold ain't the one
to have his stripes taken away from no girl!He gave her the
long strokes so hard, she didn't know what hit her. Ice cold
delivers another hot one!

Size: 160 MB
Duration: 35:25
Type: MP4


21/02/2010, 18:01
Tyler Faith - M0mmy G0t B00b$ - Busty blonde milf



http://img134.picfoco.com/thumb/256924026.jpeg (http://img134.picfoco.com/img.php?id=256924026&q=)

There's soooo much we can say about Tyler Faith. She's got a
beautiful face, nice round ass and those big juicy boobs are
just to die for. The best part is that she loves riding cock
so when she came to us asking for a big one we hooked her up
with our man Chris Cannon and he gave this gorgeous busty
milf the banging she was asking for and more!!!

Size: 132 MB
Duration: 29:21
Type: MP4


23/02/2010, 20:05
Angelica Sin - Butt$ & Bl@ck$ - Big Ass Big Tits



http://img123.picfoco.com/thumb/1641976396.jpeg (http://img123.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1641976396&q=)

So you guys want some big ass huh? Well we did even better, we got
you some big tits to. This slut wants some black cock and wants it
bad, she came in and started shaking that big juicy ass, so we
brought her in for an immediate interview with Brotha T.J. He tested
her skills and made sure she got fucked just like she wanted and
jizzed all over her face and big titties.

Size: 150 MB
Duration: 33:08
Type: MP4


23/02/2010, 20:07
Aubrey Addams - H0t Ch1ck$ B1g @ss3s - Round and Jiggly



http://img134.picfoco.com/thumb/1421438755.jpeg (http://img134.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1421438755&q=)

Don't you just love those petite girls with those sexy,
round, jiggly asses! Just the site of those asses when
getting pounded just make you wanna..mmmmmm. When you
see the sexy Aubry Adams in that leather outfit with her
ass exposed!!..you better pray for the lord to give
you strength!

Size: 174 MB
Duration: 38:35
Type: MP4


23/02/2010, 20:08
Brooke Belle - R3@l W1f3 St0r13s - A friend in Need



http://img134.picfoco.com/thumb/1113529731.jpeg (http://img134.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1113529731&q=)

Brooke is sad and losing it: her husband is officially cheating on her. She
heads to her best friend's house for support but she's not here, though her
husband Barrett is. Brooke wants payback on her husband and is horny from
the drama. The slutty wife decides to have Barrett fuck her right here on
his bed while her friend is away.

Size: 137 MB
Duration: 30:35
Type: MP4


23/02/2010, 20:09
Claire Dames - B@by G0t B00b$ - Claire Dames In Great Titty Fucking



http://img122.picfoco.com/thumb/366152411.jpeg (http://img122.picfoco.com/img.php?id=366152411&q=)

Wow!! Check out these huge pair of young tits! This girl is
tight guys! In this scene my brother Alex rips his cock right
through her tits. Her tits are just AMAZING! Before ripping
the shit out of her she got her tits oiled up nice nice, and
then he slaps them and puts them in their place! My bro Alex
pounded the shit outta this busty teen. Claire just devours
his cock, man she really can deepthroat! You'll just love
when she moans while his cocks is in her mouth and pussy. To
finish her off she gets a blast from the past all over her
face and tits! Don't miss this great cock loving whore with
huge tits, it's a ride that is exciting from start to finish!!!

Size: 141 MB
Duration: 30:56
Type: MP4


23/02/2010, 20:10
Maria Pia - H0t Ch1ck$ B1g @ss3s - Oh Maria, Maria



http://img131.picfoco.com/thumb/148506500.jpeg (http://img131.picfoco.com/img.php?id=148506500&q=)

Ola! Introducing the hot Maria Pia!You know its said that latina
women are the sexiest woman on the planet and that statement
holds very true with Maria Pia. Beautiful face, curvaceous,
magnificent breasts and a lovely lovely ass! Watch this scene
and see if you can stand the latina heat!!

Size: 157 MB
Duration: 34:48
Type: MP4


23/02/2010, 20:11
Penny Flame - D0ct0r @dv3ntur3$ - Customer satisfaction



http://img132.picfoco.com/thumb/1735061735.jpeg (http://img132.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1735061735&q=)

Dr. Flame is a prominent doctor running a successful clinic. The
rule of thumb in running any successful business is customer
satisfaction and Dr. Flame knows this all too well. Confronted by
an irate customer about his billing, the doctor went to great
lengths to calm the gentleman down. He couldn't deny the sexy
doctor and got way more than a simple check up. In the end, Dr.
Flame had one more satisfied customer. All in a days work.

Size: 191 MB
Duration: 42:21
Type: MP4


23/02/2010, 20:12
Rachel RoXXX - Br@22ers V@ult - I Want Your Big Cock



http://img130.picfoco.com/thumb/865778891.jpeg (http://img130.picfoco.com/img.php?id=865778891&q=)

Rachel is craving big cocks on her day off work. She decides
to trick Joe by inviting him to her place for a new kind of
coffee. Once Joe arrives, she doesn't lose too much time to
show him that the coffee was just a lame excuse for her to
have a drink but straight from the source, with a cock flavor.

Size: 181 MB
Duration: 39:23
Type: MP4


23/02/2010, 20:13
Stephanie Cane - T33n$ L1k3 1t B1g - A Nightmare on Mountain Street



http://img123.picfoco.com/thumb/1495702004.jpeg (http://img123.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1495702004&q=)

Stephanie doesn't know it yet but someone is going to fuck her
in her dreams. At a friends house on Halloween, she falls asleep
and becomes victim to Danny Mountain, a villain with dildo's
for fingers!

Size: 138 MB
Duration: 30:25
Type: MP4


23/02/2010, 20:14
Tiffany Rayne - H0t Ch1ck$ B1g @ss3s - Big Ass Teen pounded



http://img130.picfoco.com/thumb/1158935013.jpeg (http://img130.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1158935013&q=)

WOW what an ass this girl has and what a babe. She is wearing this tight
shorts that defines her ass amazingly. Tiffany squeezes her ass cheeks
together and wants to get fucked up her ass. She begins sucking Andys
big cock and loves taking it down her throat. Tiffany then begins riding
him good. She then takes it in her ass, and loves every second of it. Tiff
ends up taking a huge facial . What a good girl

Size: 120 MB
Duration: 26:32
Type: MP4


23/02/2010, 20:15
Victoria Sin - B1g Butt$ L1k3 1t B1g - Grade Fixing



http://img131.picfoco.com/thumb/600746087.jpeg (http://img131.picfoco.com/img.php?id=600746087&q=)

German Teacher Victoria Sin is one tough and mean bitch. She
gave Ramon a bad grade even though he answered correctly. What
Ramon failed to realize is that Victoria is a sexually
frustrated teacher that needs to be put back in her place.
Ramon decided to pull his cock out and give her a grade of his
own; an A for Anal, and a D for Destruction!!

Size: 175 MB
Duration: 38:49
Type: MP4


25/02/2010, 11:08
Aletta Ocean - B@by G0t B00b$ - The World's Most Beautiful



http://img134.picfoco.com/thumb/1480671172.jpeg (http://img134.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1480671172&q=)

For all things sexy and beautiful; those that are hot and dirty, everything
hardcore and raw. If it were all wrapped up in a box and sent to you, that
box would read "Aletta Ocean". This is one baby with boobs that will blow
your load so hard you just might sit out for a week. In this scene she
plays a horny masseuse in a theatrical film performance where she seduces
her regular client.

Size: 150 MB
Duration: 33:14
Type: MP4


25/02/2010, 11:10
Aline - B1g T1t$ @t Sch00l - Working hard for a grade



http://img136.picfoco.com/thumb/1818588731.jpeg (http://img136.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1818588731&q=)

After comparing Aline's exam with the one of another student,
Mr. West had no doubt that Aline had copied the answers. She
had no choice but to confess and knowing she could fail the
class, she offered him to do "anything it takes" to get that
passing grade...

Size: 130 MB
Duration: 28:50
Type: MP4


25/02/2010, 11:11
Angelina Valentine - P0rnst@rs L1k3 1t B1g - Car Shop Cum Shot



http://img134.picfoco.com/thumb/660126112.jpeg (http://img134.picfoco.com/img.php?id=660126112&q=)

Another typical day in the garage fixing cars becomes an experience
mechanic Scott Nails will never forget! When Angelina Valentine drives
in to get her car checked the workers are blown away! Their favorite
pornstar is sitting right in front of them and they cant help but
attempt to pick her up. They soon find out that all she really wants
is the guy with the biggest cock. It's time to take a lunch break
and get a little greasy!

Size: 142 MB
Duration: 30:54
Type: MP4


25/02/2010, 11:12
Hailey Young - T33n$ L1k3 1t Bl@ck - Love & Basketball



http://img129.picfoco.com/thumb/1650522701.jpeg (http://img129.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1650522701&q=)

Sean Michaels and Hailey Young have a special chemistry when
it comes to basketball. She knows that what they have between
them can only stay on the court but her thirst for black cock
overwhelms the poor teen. She gets the chance over a one-on-one
game, which she loses but wins the cock in consolation.

Size: 149 MB
Duration: 33:05
Type: MP4


25/02/2010, 11:14
Jenaveve Jolie - D@y W1th @ P0rnst@r - Making Up for the Past



http://img129.picfoco.com/thumb/1637487221.jpeg (http://img129.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1637487221&q=)

Jenaveve got drilled by Billy Glide about three years ago but
he was just too big for her!!! She even put him on her "NO"
list!!! After three years of intense fucking, Jenaveve thinks
she can finally take his huge cock so she gives him a call
to make up for the past...

Size: 267 MB
Duration: 59:21
Type: MP4


25/02/2010, 11:15
Melissa Lauren - B1g T1t$ @t W0rk - Busted! on her face



http://img130.picfoco.com/thumb/628252128.jpeg (http://img130.picfoco.com/img.php?id=628252128&q=)

Journalist Melissa Lauren is determined to capture a photo of
Mr. Dera the politician doing something dirty. Once she finds
out he has a thing for big tits she immediately jumps on the
opportunity with her well equipped rack to set him up.

Size: 164 MB
Duration: 35:56
Type: MP4


25/02/2010, 11:16
Mika Tan - B1g Butt$ L1k3 1t B1g - Resume ANAL-ysis



http://img132.picfoco.com/thumb/1962952244.jpeg (http://img132.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1962952244&q=)

Mika is all fired up when she reads Jordan Ash's resume. Even though he's
a graduate of Br@22ers University, she starts insulting his education and
his work experience. When he's about to leave because he can't take much
more of her comments, he grabs her by the neck and gives her a taste of
authority with his fat dick.

Size: 175 MB
Duration: 37:07
Type: MP4


25/02/2010, 11:17
Rosario Stone and Alexa Jordan - @ss3s 1n Publ1c - Wild Boricuas



http://img131.picfoco.com/thumb/283826812.jpeg (http://img131.picfoco.com/img.php?id=283826812&q=)

Alexa and Rosario are two of the hottest and wildest latin
pornstars out there. They both have great bodies and love
to fuck. We took them around Venice beach and these sexy
chicks made more than one guy happy showing their tits and
big round Boricua asses around. In the end, we went on a
back alley and made Andrew fuck the shit out of these
beauties and put a big load all over their pretty faces.
They fucking loved it!

Size: 241 MB
Duration: 53:21
Type: MP4


25/02/2010, 11:18
Sara Stone - J1zz 0n My Jug$ - Huge titted Teen pounded


http://img135.picfoco.com/thumb/1552874613.jpeg (http://img135.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1552874613&q=)

Sara Stone is a real up and comer. With assets like this, she
has to be. Her boobs are huge and natural and her ass is nice
and big. She begins sucking on this big cock, real deep before
sitting on it. She begins getting pussy pounded real good.
Her boobs fly all over the place. A real treat. Sara ends up
getting cum blasted all over her boobs.

Size: 102 MB
Duration: 22:16
Type: MP4


25/02/2010, 11:20
Shy Love - B1g T1t$ @t W0rk - Sleeping on the Job



http://img134.picfoco.com/thumb/1839161547.jpeg (http://img134.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1839161547&q=)

Shy Love caught Keiran sleeping on the job again. This time she
decided to fire him, but he insisted and decided to tell her why
it happens: he's a ladies man that has a stable of women to
satisfy every night, which leaves him very little time to sleep.
Not convinced in the slightest, she decides to have him prove
it to her by fucking her to redeem his position.

Size: 142 MB
Duration: 29:47
Type: MP4


26/02/2010, 15:01
Carly Parker - R@cks & Bl@ck$ - Carly Parker interracials


http://img133.picfoco.com/thumb/1057235061.jpeg (http://img133.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1057235061&q=)

Wow, talk about a seriously busty girl, craving some serious black
cock! We think that Carly got a little more than she bargained for
when she came to us to quench her thirst for a hard black cock! Our
guy took his huge cock deep into Carly’s tight pussy. By the end,
he had a nice big load to spread all over that huge rack!

Size: 159 MB
Duration: 21:08
Type: MP4


26/02/2010, 15:03
Cherokee and Lily Paige - R3@l W1f3 St0r1es - Great Moments In Hook-up History 4



http://img130.picfoco.com/thumb/1129083741.jpeg (http://img130.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1129083741&q=)

Keiran and Jordan are two diabolical spinsters who are always looking for
a way to score on hot chicks. Today they have a plan to go to swingers
club and pick up some horny housewives who could give a hit about their
husbands. Alone at the bar, no husbands, are Cherokee and Lily. Heads
turn when they find out they are married! If the guys can pick up a
lesbian couple, this will forever go down in hook-up history! Find out
how the story plays out...

Size: 173 MB
Duration: 38:31
Type: MP4


26/02/2010, 15:07
Claudia Valentine - S3xPr0 @dv3ntur3s - Pornstar in the making



http://img123.picfoco.com/thumb/395275438.jpeg (http://img123.picfoco.com/img.php?id=395275438&q=)

Chloe's dad won't give her any money anymore so to get money to cover her
expenses, she decided to go into porn. She is aware of her lack of
experience so she contacted S3xPr0 Claudia Valentine and asked her to show
her how to become a good pornstar. SexPro Claudia Valentine saw some real
potential on Chloe, so she taught her everything she needed to know to
make it big time in the porn industry.

Size: 183 MB
Duration: 40:37
Type: MP4


26/02/2010, 15:09
Jaylyn Rose - M0mmy G0t B00b$ - Survey victim



http://img122.picfoco.com/thumb/1688395416.jpeg (http://img122.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1688395416&q=)

Oh man! Mike and I went MILF hunting around our neighborhood
last night and we were so lucky to knock on Jaylyn Rose's
door! Because this sexy big titted mommy bought our bullshit
story about a survey for a magazine and let us in!! Once
inside it was just a matter of time before Mike got this busty
mommy to ride his cock and take his big load all over her
big boobs!!!

Size: 134 MB
Duration: 29:48
Type: MP4


26/02/2010, 15:10
Kelly Divine - B1g W3t Butt$ - White Butt Extravaganza



http://img130.picfoco.com/thumb/914669836.jpeg (http://img130.picfoco.com/img.php?id=914669836&q=)

Well , well , here is Kelly Devine for this week. She's got a
pretty fat ass for a white girl. We had her come down to try
on all of her new bathing suits by our pool. Within minutes she
was horny as hell, so we called up our main man, Kurt Lockwood.
Kurt never shows mercy to the ladies , this scene in particular.
Be sure not to miss this one fellas...

Size: 200 MB
Duration: 44:24
Type: MP4


26/02/2010, 15:11
Mariah Milano - Br@22ers V@ult - Date Fucking Guaranteed



http://img131.picfoco.com/thumb/1185055897.jpeg (http://img131.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1185055897&q=)

Johnny is looking for a date through an agency because he is
having a hard time finding a girl next door type. Mariah sets
him up with a cunt that goes really bad on the first date and
then asks for a reimbursement from her but decides to pay him
back with a satisfaction guaranteed pussy he could just have
wished for his date. Lets see who will be the happiest of the
two? The owner or the customer

Size: 165 MB
Duration: 36:43
Type: MP4


26/02/2010, 15:13
Nikki Rhodes - B@by G0t B00b$ - Wedding Crazzers Part 2



http://img131.picfoco.com/thumb/1413002823.jpeg (http://img131.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1413002823&q=)

After crashing Prime Minister London's daughter wedding. Jordan and
Scott start to look for some high class ass to tap. Jordan spots
Nikki and gets her to follow him into the house. Once there, it was
only a matter of time before she got on her knees and started
sucking his big cock.

Size: 147 MB
Duration: 32:44
Type: MP4


26/02/2010, 15:14
Ryder Skye - B1g T1t$ 1n Sp0rts - Tits of Fury



http://img130.picfoco.com/thumb/212960993.jpeg (http://img130.picfoco.com/img.php?id=212960993&q=)

Ryder San is Sensei Voodoo's new student and he's determined
to break that little attitude of hers. He'll soon find out
that it won't be as easy as he thought when she challenges
him to a one on one fight. Close to getting his ass whooped,
he'll use his big cock skills to tame the big titted lioness.

Size: 139 MB
Duration: 30:16
Type: MP4


26/02/2010, 15:16
Sheila Marie - M0mmy G0t B00b$ - Prison Break Pussy



http://img130.picfoco.com/thumb/1211803102.jpeg (http://img130.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1211803102&q=)

Sheila's lost love Charles has been in prison for the last couple of
years and all he's been craving ever since are those huge fuckin' titties.
A love letter from Sheila will help him escape from his cage and get to
what he wants: his face slammed in big round tits and his dick rammed up
a hot wet pussy!

Size: 135 MB
Duration: 29:50
Type: MP4


26/02/2010, 15:17
Tyra Moore - Bu$tyz - Real and Spectacular



http://img131.picfoco.com/thumb/963136640.jpeg (http://img131.picfoco.com/img.php?id=963136640&q=)

Tyra Moore is becoming one of the most requested Busty Models in
the business. Simply because her pair of 32Gs are spectacular and
hard to take your eyes off of. In this scene our guy put some
mileage on those big ass tits and tight pussy, i highly recommend
you watch and enjoy the ride.

Size: 172 MB
Duration: 38:08
Type: MP4


27/02/2010, 11:19
Audrianna Angel - T33n$ L1k3 1t B1g - My Ice Cream Cone brings all the boys to my Yard



http://img136.picfoco.com/thumb/258133703.jpeg (http://img136.picfoco.com/img.php?id=258133703&q=)

Jordan is on the loose and looking for a new prey in the park and
finds little, innocent Audrianna licking an ice-cream cone. Little
did Jordan know, that innocent girl is not so innocent and that
it was just a ploy for her to get hot guys and suck on something
else other than an ice cream cone.

Size: 155 MB
Duration: 34:14
Type: MP4




27/02/2010, 11:21
Carmella Bing and Angelina Valentine - B1g T1t$ 1n Sp0rt$ - Dodgeballs



http://img135.picfoco.com/thumb/1212892191.jpeg (http://img135.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1212892191&q=)

Scott Nails and his buddy are practicing hard for their dodge
ball match against Angelina Valentine and Carmella Bing.
Confident that they'll win against girls they place a bet on
the game, but end up getting smashed...literally.

Size: 114 MB
Duration: 25:29
Type: MP4




27/02/2010, 11:23
Kinzie Kenner - B1g W3t Butt$ - Big Butted Blonde Kinzie



http://img133.picfoco.com/thumb/1567074307.jpeg (http://img133.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1567074307&q=)

WOW this chick is hot, she has a cute face, blonde hair, amazing eyes,
and the best part her ass. She came in danced a little teased us by
fingering her asshole. We couldnt wait to get our hands on her.
Obviously we started like usual by oiling the big ass.

Size: 192 MB
Duration: 21:50
Type: MP4




27/02/2010, 11:24
Lisa Sparxxx - Bu$ty & R3@l - Lisa Sparx's Huge Tits Bounce While She Gets The



http://img133.picfoco.com/thumb/902390781.jpeg (http://img133.picfoco.com/img.php?id=902390781&q=)

Holy shit! It's Lisa Sparxxx!!! This big bitch has got real tits straight
from her momma, there ain't no filler in there!!! Her tits are real...
Real dangerous that is! She fucks like crazy and loves that cock going in
her pussy! She enjoys it so much that she gets so fucking wet she has to
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Misti Love - JugFuck3r$ - Big natural juggs


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Sexy ebony beauty Misti Love is here and we couldn't be more excited
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Phyllisha Anne - Butt$ & Bl@ck$ - Butt Perfection



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Savanah Gold - Br@22ers V@ult - Legalize @ss3s1npubl1c.c0m



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In Br@22ers Ville flashing ass and tits is about to be legalized.
Attorney Miss.Gold is the only lady against the Mayor of Br@22ers
Ville. Her rival, Attorney East butters up Miss.Gold by
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Shay Sights - M0mmy G0t B00b$ - Mominatrix



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Shay and her daughter live together at home. When her daughter
invites her boyfriend Johnny over he can't help to wonder what
her mother's into, when he over hears whipping and screaming
coming from the other room. Johnny decides to sneak away while
he's girlfriend is sleeping to see where all the screaming is
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27/02/2010, 11:31
Sienna West and Sarah Jessie - Br@22ers V@ult - Tits for Tits, Wife for Wife



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Sienna and Seth are visiting their newlywed friends, Sarah and
Ralph, for a housewarming party. After toasting the newlywed
couple, Sienna spills some of her drink on Sarah's breasts.
Sarah decides to take her top off to dry her boobs. Sienna
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Simone Peach - B1g W3t Butt$ - Sexy Big Butt



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Aletta Ocean - P0rn$t@rs Pun1shm3nt - Prissy Porn Bitch, Punished



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James Deen stopped bar-tending because of the punishment he unleashed
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Scott one night at the bar. When Aletta showed up four hours late,
James got really mad, relapsed and punished the fuck out of her. At
first she didn't know what to expect but as the rough nasty sex
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28/02/2010, 13:47
Britney Stevens and Nadia Styles - D0ct0r @dv3ntur3s - That's Not How You Do It



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It's Nadia's first day as a dental assistant and she did a very
bad job cleaning Jordan's mouth. Jordan threatened to talk to
Dr. Stevens about it so Nadia gave him a blowjob. Dr. Stevens
catches Nadia sucking his dick and gets really angry but not
because she was blowing a patient. Because she wasn't doing it

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28/02/2010, 13:49
Brynn Brooks - Butt$ & Bl@ck$ - Perfect Teen



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Georgia Peach - B1g W3t Butt$ - Pretty Pink Panties



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Georgia thinks she can handle anything. She came to see us wearing some
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Jessica Jaymes and Presley Maddox - R3@l W1f3 St0r1es - Horny For The Help




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Pressley has a dilemma. She likes her new job but has become
uncomfortable with Jessica's sexual advances. In attempts to
smooth things out, Scott proposes that they all have dinner
to get to know each other. But Jessica has much more in mind
than "getting to know" Pressley...

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28/02/2010, 13:57
Katja Kassin - B1g W3t Butt$ - Strictly anal



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Kaylee Lovecox - D0ct0r @dv3ntur3s - Pressure Tactics



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Nurse Kaylee is a dealing with a patient who is a nervous wreck!
The patient is panicking like crazy and with no doctor around
she has to use her "own methods" to calm the patient down! The
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Sara Jay - D0ct0r @dv3ntur3s - Hypnotised by her Big Tits!



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Billy goes to Dr.Jay’s office, a therapist with a knack for curing
any problem that comes her way. He tells her that he can’t seem to
ever fuck right! Dr. Jay suggests hypnosis, she uses the necklace
that is sitting ever so nicely on top of big tits and Billy becomes
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28/02/2010, 14:02
Sonia Lopez - H0t Ch1cks B1g @ss3s - Back To The Beach



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Sonia's friends have gone to the beach and left her behind. She
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Lockwood just happens to be prowlin' through the neighbourhood!
Being the good samaritan he is, Kurt offers a lift to the danzzle
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01/03/2010, 19:48
Cassandra Calogera - Br@22ers V@ult - Double D's for an A



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It's the day of final exams and Cassandra is having a hard time
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has to leave and she gives the duties to assistant her Mr.Long.
Cassandra starts flirting with Ralph to get the answers of the
test and seduces him with her big, natural tits. Well he is a
man before he is a teacher so he couldn't refuse!

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Daryn Darby - H0t Ch1ck$ B1g @ss3s - Ass And More Ass



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01/03/2010, 19:56
Holly Morgan and Carmen McCarthy - Doct0r @dv3ntur3s - Nurses Gone Wild



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Carmen and Holly found that patient Sins was pretty good looking and
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his room when he was sleeping to get a peak at his cock but they got
so worked up that it didn't end there... within minutes theses girls
had satisfied their urge to fuck him by actually fucking him...

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01/03/2010, 19:57
Holly West and Beverly Hills - B1g W3t Butt$ - Scott's Big Butt Party



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Holly and Beverly arrive at Scott's mansion for the big butt
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01/03/2010, 19:59
Hunter Bryce - D@y W1th @ P0rnst@r - Routine Workout



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Hunter and Scott have this thing where they train together about
once a week and believe it or not, they never had sex during
these sessions... Scott's been wanting to fuck her hard for a
while and the fact that we have cameras in there might help
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01/03/2010, 20:01
Kagney Linn Karter and Maddi Sinn - B1g T1t$ @t W0rk - A Flash of Genius



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Failing to impress his bosses with his new bra design, Jordan
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better idea of his new creation. He'll thank Kagney and Maddi
with a full course meal of cock on the conference table!!!

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01/03/2010, 20:03
Kayla Carrera - D0ct0r @dv3ntur3s - Anything To Cut The Waiting Line



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Kayla is rushing one of the person she is taking care of to the
hospital because she forgot to give him his blood medicine and
his body is shutting down. After being greeted pretty coldly at
the hospital and waiting for too long. She decides to take
matters into her own hands and goes straight to the source to
try to jump up the waiting list. Mr. Dera is more than happy
to be on the receiving hand, hands I should say with her
magnificent tits.

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01/03/2010, 20:04
Mia Bangg - B1g W3t Butt$ - Ass Goddess



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Stacy Silver - B1g W3t Butt$ - Cute Blonde Booty



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Stacy is one hot blonde. Even at this age she has developed
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Trina Michaels - Butt$ & Bl@ck$ - Big Titted Anal Whore



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Ahryan Astyn - D0ct0r @dv3ntur3s - Big Load Extractor



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Danny went to the Sperm Donor Clinic to make a deposit. Clinic
Nurse Ahryan Astin found Danny Mountain's donation load to be
quite weak. There's only so much he can give on his own, so
she decided to take matter in her own hands and make him cum
some more by sucking and fucking his big fat cock.

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03/03/2010, 18:46
Brianna Beach - D0ct0r @dv3ntur3s - Hot Butt Doctor



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Ely goes to the doctor for his yearly check up, but he ends up
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She finally catches him looking at her ass, and decides to make
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03/03/2010, 18:48
Kat Kleevage - M0mmy G0t B00b$ - Busty mommy Kat Kleevage



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Katja Kassin is awesome in every sense of the word. She is
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03/03/2010, 18:58
Maya Gates - Br@22ers V@ult - Keepin Your Job For A Blowjob



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Maya Gates is Charles Dera's maid and is in the process of cleaning his
room. However, she begins to be a little curious and starts going through
his wife's underwear drawer. While she begins undressing and trying on her
sexiest outfits Charles walks in and freaks out. The only way she convinces
him to keep her job is by trading a job for a blowjob.

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03/03/2010, 19:00
Mika Tan - B1g Butt$ L1k3 1t B1g - Who is Br@22ers



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Br@22ers Operative Mika Tan is in custody. These men want to know
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Sophia Lomeli and Brooke Belle - M1lfs L1k3 1t B1g - Deprived and Desperate



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Brooke decides to come over Sophia?s house for some good ole husband
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03/03/2010, 19:09
Veronica Rayne and Kayla Synz - M1lf$ L1k3 1t B1g - Your Sister's Husband Does Have a Big Dick



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Kayla's little sister cannot stop bragging about her husband's dick.
After being bothered one too many times, Kayla & Veronica decide to
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a big dick. After seeing how big his dick was, Kayla had no shame
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03/03/2010, 19:13
Victoria Sin - D0ct0r @dv3ntur3s - Bad Timing



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It's very busy at the hospital today and Dr. Victoria Sin
is under a lot of pressure. On top of that Nurse Strokes
is late again. So when he shows up she gives him a piece
of her mind and asks him to change fast and get to work.
But when she sees the size of Nurse Strokes' cock she
decides to take some time to relax and give that cock a
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06/03/2010, 16:49
Brandy Talore - Bu$tyz - Huge Titted Brandy



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If you like big, heavy, hanging, massive, soft tits then you
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Charlee Chase - M0mmy G0t B00b$ - Busty Milf pounded



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06/03/2010, 16:56
Maddi Sinn - B@by G0t B00b$ - While You Were Waiting



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Maddi prepares for a sexy night out with her boyfriend, but
her plans get ruined when her father asks her to keep his
bosses nerdy son company. Agitated and annoyed of listening
to the nerd she puts on a movie. As she's watching the
movie her boyfriend signals her from outside to go up to
her room. Maddi tells the nerd she'll be back because she
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06/03/2010, 16:58
Memphis Monroe - P0rn$t@rs L1k3 1t B1g - Sleeping Booty



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Once upon a time there was a princess named Memphis who had been
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she would fall in a deep sleep and only a man who is well endowed
could wake her and become her prince!!! In other words, she got
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Mia Bangg - S3xPr0 Adv3ntur3$ - Big Bangg Theory



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Mia overhears Isabella in a heated argument on the phone with her
boyfriend about their sex life. Mia offers the young lady her
help after seeing how upset she was. Isabella took her up on her
offer after she found that Mia is a sex pro and has experience
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06/03/2010, 17:01
Petra Lovka - Bu$ty & R3@l - Petra Hardcore



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Holy Shit!!! We brought in yet another hot, busty European babe who was
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06/03/2010, 17:05
Rachel Love - M1lf$ L1k3 1t B1g - Prescription for Pleasure



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Jordan visits the nearest clinic in hope to find a condom
large enough to fit on his cock but when he tells the
pharmacist, Rachel, she doesn't believe him. In order to
prescribe him with the appropriate size she needs to see
it first, but when she does she cant help but stick it
down her throat and bounce all over it.

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06/03/2010, 17:11
Rachel RoXXX and Cherokee - Br@22ers V@ult - Prom Night '96



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It's every girls dream to be a princess, to be swept away in a
golden chariot and ridden off into the sunset. The problem
arises when two dreams collide because only one girl can be
the next Prom Queen. Cherokee and Rachel go through the biggest
cock the 90's created to claim the crown.

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06/03/2010, 17:15
Riley Rey and Jackie Daniels - T33n$ L1k3 1t B1g - Couch Fort of Solitude



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There once were 2 teen girls who liked to play, Because their
parents were on a trip far away, They built a fort as solid
as a rock, But Keiran demolished it with his big cock, So
then all three decided to fuck on the duvet

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06/03/2010, 17:18
Savannah Stern and Codi Bryant - R3@l W1f3 St0r1es - Swapping Mates



http://img134.picfoco.com/thumb/1210602208.jpeg (http://img134.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1210602208&q=)

Best Friends Cody and Savannah talk about their respective sex
lives and come to the conclusion of trying a swap when they
find out they are each into the other?s mate. Their respective
husbands are at first apprehensive, but eventually agree to
it in order to make their wives happy.

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07/03/2010, 21:29
Adrianna Deville - B1g Butt$ L1k3 1t B1g - Suburban Discipline



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Adriana and a friend decide to prank call their neighborg Col.
Lee, who has just returned home from a long term in the army.
They insult him with irritating questions and moon him. He
gets really mad to the point where he feels like he must teach
them a lesson in suburban discipline.

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07/03/2010, 21:32
Ana Nova - R@ck$ & Bl@ck$ - Ana Nova euro babe gets a pounding from a black co



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07/03/2010, 21:35
Angelica Sin - M0mmy G0t B00b$ - Busty Mom Meets Teacher



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Angelica met up with us to discuss her not so bright son. We told
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Angelica proved us wrong by offering her tit to us we were ready
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07/03/2010, 21:37
Carolyn Monroe - M0mmy G0t B00b$ - Big Boobed Mommy


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We were just sitting there and waiting for the big boobs to
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07/03/2010, 21:39
Heidi Mayne - M0mmy G0t B00b$ - Strokes Pool Cleaning



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Chris was sent to Mrs. Mayne's house to clean her pool. The reason
why Heidi wanted Chris was because he had the biggest pole and
could get into all those crevasses properly. Unfortunately Chris
fell in the pool but this was a chance for Milf Heidi to get him
naked and have his cock deep inside her.

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07/03/2010, 21:41
Helena Sweet - B1g T1t$ @t W0rk - Leggy Blonde



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There's a new foreigner in town, and she just landed herself the front
desk job. Everyone keeps making fun of her, saying she cant speak
English well but when Keiran visits his wife he meets Helena and sees
she is much more than a leggy blonde that can't speak English, he sees
in her everything his wife has stopped becoming.

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07/03/2010, 21:42
Mason Storm - B1g T1t$ @t Sch00l - Earthquake Drill


http://img134.picfoco.com/thumb/2117460918.jpeg (http://img134.picfoco.com/img.php?id=2117460918&q=)

A basic routine plays it self out as Miss Storm demonstrates what to
do in the event of an earthquake. However in the middle of the dril
l a real quake occurs. The class freaks out leaving Charles and Miss
Storm alone, her tits are out in the open and Charles can't resist
doing what he has always wanted to do to Miss Storm.

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07/03/2010, 21:44
Memphis Monroe - B1g T1t$ @t Sch00l - Failing Oral



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Keiran has been failing his oral presentations because every time
he goes up in front of the class Memphis distracts him by flashing
her gigantic tits. Keiran begs her to stop distracting him and will
do anything to make her stop. Memphis kindly makes a proposition
that the only way she'll stop is if he will perform some oral on
her first.

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07/03/2010, 21:46
Nicole Banks - @ss3s 1n Publ1c - Pussy Play For A Crowd



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Nicole Banks at first impression is your typical nice , down to
earth, girl next door type...but that is just a front for this
naughty exhibitionist. She started off being shy but that was
gone once she got comfortable. She enjoyed the attention just
like all the other girls. When it got to the sex she was all
about the deep dicking.. another AIP scene served... get it
while it's hot.

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07/03/2010, 21:48
Rachel RoXXX - B@by G0t B00b$ - Miss Big Boobs 2009



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Rachel is late for the Miss Big Boobs 2009 Auditions. Charles knows
the winners have already been chosen but he still wants to see her
boobs so he lets her audition. When her audition is over, Charles
tells Rachel the bad news and she gets very upset. So he fucks her
tight pussy to cheer her up.

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08/03/2010, 17:44
Audrey Bitoni - D@y W1th @ P0rn$t@r - Riding With Audrey



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Today we are going to spend a few hours with Audrey Bitoni, one of
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us an glimpse inside her life! She shares some secrets with us,
and even a hot fuck session in her personal shower. Tune in for
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08/03/2010, 17:48
Devon Lee - M0mmy G0t B00b$ - Hot Natural Busty Blonde Milf


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Wow, this mommy's got it all! The beautiful face, the awesome
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08/03/2010, 17:50
Emma Cummings - Butt$ & Bl@ck$ - Keep'em Cummings


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Ooohhweee! Do we have a treat for ya'll today! We brought in our
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Emma Cummings...and oh what a pounding he put on it! She could
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Watch as Justin unloads some creamy goodness all over that face
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08/03/2010, 17:52
Holly Sampson - M1lf$ L1k3 1t B1g - Keys to the V.I. Pussy



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Holly is bored with her significant other. He seems to be
a bit of a douche as well as a huge asshole. He drags Holly
to a party where he mingles with the other guests, so she
takes off and fucks the valet.

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08/03/2010, 17:55
Jasmine Tame - B@by Got B00b$ - Hot babe gets pounded


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Jasmine Tame is a hot blonde with amazing tits and an amazing ass. No
kidding she is such a hot up and comer with those assets. It looks
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She tries taking it balls deep but its too big. She almost does it
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08/03/2010, 17:57
Kapri Styles - B1g W3t Butt$ - Wiggle Wiggle


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We have never seen an ass that can shake like this. You can
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08/03/2010, 18:00
Luscious Lopez - B1g Butt$ L1k3 1t B1g - I fucked your girl's asshole...asshole



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Why the hell would any dude cheat on Luscious Lopez I have no
idea but her asshole boyfriend did. So as pay back Luscious
decided to do better than a 'Dear John' letter and leave her
now ex a video of her getting her beautiful ass fucked by another
dude!!!...and properly too i might add! and this payback was
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08/03/2010, 18:04
Mia Bangg - H0t Ch1ck$ B1g @ss3s - She bangs, she bangs


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Very hot scene for you guys...very fucking hot! Everything you need
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check, deep throat action..check, anal..check, pussy eating and
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08/03/2010, 18:06
Nikki Benz and Lexi Tyler - H0t @nd M3@n - Take a break and lick my clit


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Nikki catches her coworker looking at a lesbian porno magazine. She finds
it gross and they begin to argue when their boss Lexi overhears them. Lexi
finds the magazine sexy and will stop at nothing to have Nikki's tongue
all over her horny wet pussy. At first Nikki resists but everyone knows the
boss is always! Nikki finally gives in to Lexi's dominating seduction and
a full on lesbian fuckfest ensues!

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10/03/2010, 17:14
Beverly Hills - B@by G0t B00b$ - An Alternative To Pussy



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Johnny decides to really find out what happens during a slumber
party when he learns Beverly has a friend staying over. Just as
he suspected the two little sluts are going at it! Johnny tries
to jump in scaring away Beverly?s friend. But lucky for Johnny
Beverly?s pussy was so wet she decided Johnny?s huge cock would
just have to do.

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10/03/2010, 17:17
Daria Glover - P0rnst@rs L1k3 1t B1g - Czech Mate Part 1



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Fugitive criminal on the loose Voodoo is on the run in the Czech Republic,
US govt agent Johnny Sins is after him. After a wild goose chase, Voodoo
finds refuge in Daria Glover's ranch and decides to rest. When she notices
how big he's packing, she decides to get some thuggish American cock in
her East European tight pussy.

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10/03/2010, 17:19
Diamond Foxxx and Janet Mason - M1lf$ L1k3 1t B1g - Rules of Milf Attraction



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In this scene lies the secrets of Milf seduction; the key components of
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your cock. Scott Nails and Keiran Lee will be our actors today in this
instructional video on how to seduce a Milf. Apply these rules in your
daily hunt and let us know how your Milf was in bed!

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10/03/2010, 17:21
Harmony Rose - Busty & Real - All In Harmony



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Harmony is a real, first class, whore who loves a big cock in
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ass and pussy are to die for! Observe as she swallows Phat Zane's
cock right down to the testies and takes a pounding 'til she
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10/03/2010, 17:23
Jodi Bean - D0ct0r @dv3ntur3s - Mr. Sensitive



http://img129.picfoco.com/thumb/1570866087.jpeg (http://img129.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1570866087&q=)

Player, Billy Glide has promised to help his friend to the hospital
while she is going through labor. The Doctor, Jodi Bean is taken
in by what a sensitive man Billy seems to be. When Billy hears Jodis
husband canceling another date, he realizes this is his perfect
chance to fuck this doctor senseless!

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10/03/2010, 17:25
Kristina Rose - @ss3s 1n Publ1c - A Rose in the hood



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Now here's a girl that loves to flash and loves the attention she
gets from all the people watching her. The thing is... she's
fucking cute and innocent. When her top came off in the alley ,
some guys rushed her and it was like a free for all. She enjoyed
every second of it. She had lots and lots of fun and you can tell.
Andrew shows up on time as usual to fuck the shit out of Kristina.

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10/03/2010, 17:27
Shay Sights - R3@l W1f3 St0r1es - Meet my Slutty Wife



http://img129.picfoco.com/thumb/1805375833.jpeg (http://img129.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1805375833&q=)

Shay married her husband thinking she had struck gold. Unfortunately
over the years he's become a fat, unattractive, lazy slob whose only
interests are eating, burping and farting. When his office holds a
party Shay meets one of her husband's co-workers, Kieran. Good looking,
successful and equipped with a huge cock, Shay just can't help
herself. She fucks him in the back room while her husband counts how
many crackers he can shove in his mouth.

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10/03/2010, 17:28
Summer Bailey - T33n$ L1k3 1t B1g - The Cock Craving Sister



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Summer Bailey is obsessed with Billy because she knows he's got a big
cock! She is so obsessed with his big cock that she is spying on him
and her brother while they are hanging out by the pool! She is getting
horny just listening to him talk about pounding other girls that she
wants a peice of the action! When her brother leaves, Summer takes the
opportunity to hit on Billy, so she goes with him to check out his cool
car. While they are sitting in the car she finally admits to him that
she wants his big cock and then she takes the cock in her hands without
delay and shows him how much she really wants his huge cock!

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10/03/2010, 17:31
Trina Michaels - B1g T1t$ 1n Sp0rt$ - Todays muscle...my dick



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Billy is training Trina to stretch, workout biceps and chest, and
how to do proper squats. She always does the exercises but somehow
her tits and ass keep teasing Billy. Billy is going nuts and
eventually just grabs her tits and then at first she?s shocked but
then he says it?s part of the training and then being not so
bright she accepts this and then he gives her a REAL hardcore
training exercise!

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10/03/2010, 17:33
Victoria Allure - Butt$ & Bl@ck$ - Big Booty Allure



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Y'all requested it so we delivered!Y'all wanted thick chicks with big asses..all
good! Y'all gonna love you some Victoria...thick light skin girl with an ass so
big you can see it from the front!Her ass almost doesn't make sense on her small
frame but it looks hella good! Trust me on this one, dude beat that pussy up
too!Don't front on this one!

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13/03/2010, 15:46
]Avy Scott[/COLOR] - M0mmy G0t B00b$ - Keiran's Handy Work



http://img132.picfoco.com/thumb/109472114.jpeg (http://img132.picfoco.com/img.php?id=109472114&q=)

Avy Scott returns to Brazzer looking sexier than she has ever looked. In
this scene she plays a stay at home single mother that gets her neighbor's
son to help her with some handy work. She is used to tools that fix things
but she never came across a tool that destroys everything in its path as she
gets a drilling.

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13/03/2010, 15:51
Brandy Talore - J1zz 0n My Jug$ - Huge titted Babe gets huge cumshots



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Brandy Taylor has perhaps one of the most impressive pair of big boobs
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13/03/2010, 15:53
Candace Von - Bu$ty & R3@l - Candace Von



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Today we invited the gorgeous babe Candace. This busty girl came in our studio tomeet our boobs expert! In this scene, my boy played a lot with those
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How hard? REAL HARD! She gets her tight pussy drilled real deep
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13/03/2010, 15:55
Claudia Valentine - B1g T1t$ @t Sch00l - Round two



http://img122.picfoco.com/thumb/205989723.jpeg (http://img122.picfoco.com/img.php?id=205989723&q=)

Miss Valentine got visited by a former student. He asked her why
she would pick on his little brother all the time, suspecting that
had something to do with them having sex the night of the
graduation party. And he was right because all Miss Valentine
wanted was to have sex with him one more time...

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13/03/2010, 15:57
Cory Everson - Bu$tyz - European big ones


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A must see!! Corey gets the pounding of her life when her husband
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gag on his cock and fucks the shit out of her until she cums, he
then stretches her tight ass hole to finally release a big load
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That'll show her!!

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13/03/2010, 15:59
Mackenzee Pierce - B1g W3t Butt$ - The Balls Malone Music Video



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Mackenzee Pierce is the next big butt star and wants to get her
ass shown bouncing around on the next Balls Malone music video.
During shooting she teaches everyone on set a thing or two about
shaking their ass. Balls Malone is so disoriented by the movements
of her big wet ass that he can't finish the video, so he takes
her to his trailer to straighten himself out.

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13/03/2010, 16:01
Paris Gables - T33n$ L1k3 1t B1g - No Insurance, No Mercy



http://img131.picfoco.com/thumb/1741318624.jpeg (http://img131.picfoco.com/img.php?id=1741318624&q=)

Paris Gable is fucked... She's responsible for a car accident and
she doesn't have any insurance to cover Jordan's car's damage.
She'll have to get it in the butt to get out of this one, and
Jordan's big dick won't be easy to handle!!

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13/03/2010, 16:03
Rita Faltoyano - Bu$ty & R3@l - She Wants You



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Rita is here and she wants to make you cum...hard! Do you
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13/03/2010, 16:05
Sara Stone - D0ct0r @dv3ntur3s - Stone Cold Awesome



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Keiran has a problem. A serious one. He blows his load in like, 26
seconds, or something fast like that. He goes to see Dr. Stone to
see if she can fix him. Will she fix him? Damn straight she'll fix
him real good-like!

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13/03/2010, 16:07
Tia Sweets - Butt$ & Bl@ck$ - Sweet Butt



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This is one amazing ass it's big, bubbly, jiggly and very bouncy.
This is every mans dream butt, specially for a big black cock which
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13/03/2010, 16:09
Brandi Edwards - M0mmy G0t B00b$ - The Mayshag Man



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When Brandi needs some sexual healing, she always hits up the
clothes washer for a spin. Unfortunately she breaks the washer
and is left high and dry. Good thing for her she can depend
on the Mayshag guarantee when something needs fixing.

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13/03/2010, 16:11
Brooke Belle - B1g T1t$ 1n Sp0rt$ - Swish or Strip


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Brooke Belle is unable to beat Billy on the basketball court
because he doesn't stop playing dirty. Billy proposes to play
a new game called 'TIT,' which is exactly like the game 'HORSE,'
however the only difference is the loser has to undress. Finally,
Brooke gets to show her real talent when playing with balls.

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13/03/2010, 16:15
Jasmine Tame - D0ct0r @dv3ntur3s - The Pornstar



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Jordan is a pornstar and he is at the doctors office for a check
up before his scene. The doctor gives him the OK but he fascinates
her. She wants to get fucked by a pornstar since her husband does
not know how to satisfy her with his small penis. Jordan tried
hard to get out of her office but she would not take no for an
answer, she got naked for him and teased him until he agreed to
satisfy her.

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13/03/2010, 16:17
Jenna Presley - P0rnst@rs L1k3 1t B1g - 69



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Jenna Bauer has to find the man that has designed a bomb that
threatens to kill thousands of Americans. The only problem is
the only way she can disarm it is by sticking his huge cock
in a specially-designed chamber that only recognizes his cock.
To make sure that his cock will work in the bomb, Jenna Bauer
needs to get him extra hard and give him the most hardcore
interrogation ever.

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13/03/2010, 16:20
Karina Kay - J1zz 0n My Jug$ - Slut jizzed on



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OH MY GOD! Today, the delicious busty cutie Karina Kay came the
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Hmm you could resist! We grabbed, squeezed, and licked the SHIT
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She was so fucking GOOD. We then punished her with a heavy
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13/03/2010, 16:27
Katja Kassin - B1g W3t Butt$ - Big Butt Street Pickup



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Katja Kassin has a big butt and needs to get it massaged to remove
tension. Billy happened to pass nearby and offered to rub his hands
all over her big wet butt for free. What followed is they both got
horny and went for some good old hardcore anal pounding in
her backyard.

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13/03/2010, 16:30
Nikki Thorne - B1g W3t Butt$ - The Every Ass


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Today Billy Brazz is selling the ultimate all purpose household product
for bachelors. This amazing product is called "The Every Ass For Every
Man!" and it is able to do practically everything, and we mean everything.

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13/03/2010, 16:33
Roxy Jezel - R3@l W1f3 St0r1es - Wedding Crazzers Part 1



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You are cordially invited to crash the wedding of British Prime Minister
Marcus London's daughter Roxy Jezel. The ceremony and the reception will
take place at 69 Br@22er Road in the San Fernando Valley on February 9th
2009. Cocktails at 4 pm. Please RSVP.

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13/03/2010, 16:34
Tory Lane - B1g Butt$ L1k3 1t B1g - Diary of a Cockaholic



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Tory hits the mall in Vegas shopping for cock, asking anyone and
every guy she runs into if they can handle her ass. Like many women
she knows how to spend a long time shopping however she finally
runs into the right sized cock for her.

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14/03/2010, 04:36
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Angel Long and Phoenix Marie - R3@l W1f3 St0r1es - A Cheaters Punishment



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Phoenix has been having problems getting aroused by her husband.
The only thing is that he doesn't know about it. She pretends to
love everything about him but as soon as she has the chance she
calls over her fuck toy Anthony for some real pleasure. While at
his place things don't go exactly as planned and Anthony's wife
is there and ready to teach Phoenix a rough lesson.

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16/03/2010, 16:43
Echo Valley - M0mmy G0t B00b$ - Busty Milf GIves BJ


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Eve Nicholson - T33n$ L1k3 1t B1g - I Told You No boys in the House



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Eve was supposed to babysit Jordan's kids. Instead she brings her
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16/03/2010, 16:52
Harmony Rose - D0ct0r @dv3ntur3s - Hard worker



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Dr. Harmony Rose works very hard at the hospital standing up for many
hours and the only thing that makes her relax is getting fucked hard!!
So when she went to see a patient that was almost entirely paralyzed
she knew she could take advantage of the situation and get a little
action that would make her keep going until the end of her shift..

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16/03/2010, 16:57
Helena Sweet - B1g T1t$ 1n Sp0rt$ - Game, Set & Smash My Cock Deep Inside Your Pussy



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Keiran has been hired to coach Helena in a few tennis classes for her to learn
the basics. After an aweful performance on her part, Keiran decides to retire
with Helena for a nice Jacuzzi and relax his muscles and maybe use other
muscles on her. She is a little hesitant at first but it doesn't take much
convincing on Keiran's part for her to go down on his cock and ride the waves
of pleasure.

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16/03/2010, 17:00
Krissy Lynn - B1g T1t$ @t Sch00l - Old School Correction



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Krissy Lynn is conducted by Principal Steele to his office. Apparently
her behavior at school hasn?t been up to par with the institution?s
reputation. He goes nuts when he notices how skimpy she made her outfit.
She challenges his authority and drives him to the point where he has
to show her who the real boss is around here.

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16/03/2010, 17:02
Lani Lane - D0ct0r @dv3ntur3s - I tell the doctor...



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Tony goes to the doctor but to his surprise he finds
a young hottie in scrubs. He suddenly come up with
his own treatment and takes this substitute for one
hell of a ride, that she did not learn in
medicine school.

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16/03/2010, 17:04
Mason Storm - B1g W3t Butt$ - Busty Anal Whore



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Mason Storm is known for being an anal whore so when she wanted to
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the ass fucking began right away and lasted until end.

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16/03/2010, 17:10
Sara Jay - R@ck$ & Bl@ck$ - Hot big tited blonde takes a black dick



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Sara Jay is one hot big breasted chick. She loves sucking
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16/03/2010, 17:14
Sativa Rose - D0ct0r @dv3ntur3s - Caught In The Act



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When nurse Rose finds out that Dr. Jack has been stealing meds
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or hardtime. The good doctor knows best...He fucks her HARD!!

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18/03/2010, 16:27
Gwen Diamond - @ss3s 1n Publ1c - Around China Town



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Oh my god! Gwen Diamond is so hot and crazy!! We took her to
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showing herself off in public for the camera! She would just go
around the stores with her boobs hanging out!!! Exposing herself
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Kurt Lockwood to take care of business and he gave her the
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18/03/2010, 16:33
Katja Kassin - Br@22ers V@ult - Sprechen Sie Englisch



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Keiran gets a sore throat during his trip to Germany and he
visits Doktor Katja Kassin for some friendly medical advice.
All he seems to get in return to his questions is some German
gibberish he can't understand and before he knows it, he's got
Dr. Katja's big ass in his face. It won't be long until he
gets his third foot up in there!

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18/03/2010, 16:36
Kaylee Lovecox - B1g T1t$ @t W0rk - Recommended



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Now that Jordan got a big raise, with his own office, the only
thing that's bothering him is his secretary Kaylee. She can't
do anything right, but was recommended and placed in high
regards. Her talents may not include making coffee, but Jordan
is about to find out why she would be recommended…

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18/03/2010, 16:38
Krissy Lynn - D0ct0r @dv3ntur3s - Knockout Pussy[/SIZE][/B]



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T.J. has got to get some sleep. He hasn't slept in months, but Dr. Lynn
has just the cure. She prescribes a good old fashion fuck thinking it
will tucker him out and fall asleep.

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18/03/2010, 16:45
Laura Lion - Bu$ty & R3@l - Hot czech babe strips


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Laura Lion is one of many Czech beauties! See her huge
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20/03/2010, 07:57
Bridgette B - D@y W1th @ P0rn$t@r - Bridgette B's Bankin' On New Bouncin' Bub-Bubs, Bub



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Carmella is so hot, she was standing outside enjoying the view and
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Echo Valley - M0mmy G0t B00b$ - Gargantuous titted Mommy



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Echo is a one of a kind mommy. Echo is all tits and loves
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20/03/2010, 08:07
Holly Wellin and Hailey Young - Br@22ers V@ult - Weekend Stay Over



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Holly's parents are going up North for the weekend and the girls
have the house all to themselves. They invite Charles who sneaks
in a pornographic movie. The girls are shy and nervous and
wonder if they can get the same experience, neither Charles nor
the girls have ever experienced what their minds desire, so they
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Jasmine Tame - B1g W3t Butt$ - The Wild Jasmine Tame



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Kapri Styles and Candice Nicole - R3@l W1f3 St0r13s - Old Flame, New Fire



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Back in the day Kapri had a threesome with Keiran and James. She is now
married to Keiran and her friend Candice married James! Years later they
all decide that it's time for a visit. Kapri and Candice have some
unfinished sexual business to take care of so they head upstairs into
the bedroom to catch up on old times. In the middle of some hot dildo action
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20/03/2010, 08:14
Kara Nox - M0mmy G0t B00b$ - Kara's Busty Naturals



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Kara came to us sporting some huge 36DD natural boobies! And not
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Mason Storm - M1lf$ L1k3 1t B1g - Lets see if your cock is big enough for my daughter



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Boy meets parents. Boy is nervous. Mother wants to know if boy has
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knows the game well. Boy fucks mother. Mother gets fucked real good.
Boy glazes mother with cum and mother licks and sucks every last
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20/03/2010, 08:18
Puma Swede - P0rnst@rs L1k3 1t B1g - I Sell My House... You Like



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Puma just put her house on the market because she is retiring
from the industry because of a lack of big cocks. Seeing the
ad in the paper, Marco decides to go for a visit and discovers
that the seller is Puma Swede, the pornstar that he watches
on Br@22ers. After a quick tour, he doesn't like the house but
he would like Puma to have his big cock since she is lacking
them in her life.

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20/03/2010, 08:20
Sandra De Marco - B1g W3t Butt$ - Anal the Euro way



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Once again we feature one of the most sexiest big booty models
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Alexis Silver - M0mmy G0t B00b$ - Huge British Boobs



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Those have got to be one of the hottest fucking pair of tits I have ever seen. They
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out from everywhere front, side, and bottom. We couldnt wait to pull them out and
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21/03/2010, 14:40
Audrianna Angel and Allyssa Hall - T33n$ L1k3 1t B1g - Pillow Fight & Busted Nuts



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Pete has to play chaperone to his little sister Nikki and her two
friends, Allyssa and Audrianna!The girls are having a good time
and end up having a pillow fight!Pete gets ear of this and decides
he needs to participate!His sister gets mad and leaves to call
their folks but not before giving him a swift kick to the balls!Her
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Avy Scott - D0ct0r Adv3ntur3s - Cock Switch



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Johnny is at Dr Scott's office because he has to have a mole
removed. While he's in the waiting area for surgery he
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enlargement surgery. Once the nurse leaves Johnny sneaks over
and switches the surgery charts so he will get the big cock
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21/03/2010, 14:45
Chavon Taylor and Larin Lane - B1g W3t Butt$ - Big Wet Carwash



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Keiran can't believe what he got when he ordered an at home car
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polish their big asses with his long rod.

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21/03/2010, 14:47
Laurie Vargas - Butt$ & Bl@ck$ - Culo Caliente



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21/03/2010, 14:49
Lezley Zen - B1g T1t$ 1n Sp0rt$ - Squash Game Pound-A-Thon



http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-2EFE_4BA5E742.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-2EFE_4BA5E742.html)

Lezley got stood up again. Her friend was supposed to join her for
a game of squash but called in sick. Lezley is thinking about
leaving when another squash player offers to show her how to play.
Lezley of course, thinks that would be wonderful and they play a
riveting game of squash. Midway through the game, Lezley injures
her huge tits! Her new friend does his best to rub them. Lezley
needs more special care though, which leads to her getting fucked
hard by a huge cock.

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21/03/2010, 14:52
Natasha Nice - R@ck$ & Bl@ck$ - Come watch this young white chick get her pussy



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Wow!!! You don't know what hot is till you have seen Natasha Nice in
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21/03/2010, 14:54
Sara Stone - B@by G0t B00b$ - Massive Boobed Sara



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We walked into the room and an amazing package was waiting for us on the bed.
Sara has one of the best tits on the market and were very happy to have her.
She was waiting for us and her tits were about to fall out of her tiny top.
As soon as we arrived we jumped her juggs and started feeling them. We pulled
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21/03/2010, 14:57
Whitney Stevens - JugFuck3r$ - Whitney Got Juggs


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There is something about Whitney Stevens that we jugg lovers can't get
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28/03/2010, 14:41
Andi Anderson - B1g W3t Butt$ - Don't you wish your girl was a freak like me



http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-395F_4BAA5218.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-395F_4BAA5218.html)

Andi accompanies her best friend shopping spree to get a chance to spend
some time with her bestfriend's boyfriend, Scott. Andi will pull out all
the stops to have a taste of Scott's big dick in her mouth and deep in
her ass. Andi is one dirty, ass reamage loving girl! No girlfriend can
compete with that.

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28/03/2010, 14:46
Ann Marie Rios and Bridgette B - R3@l W1f3 St0r1e$ - Pocoho The Treaty of Peace



http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-0EB1_4BAA5218.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-0EB1_4BAA5218.html)

Travel back to the old days where rifts between Cowboys and Indians
still grew strong. General Johnny Sins and High Chief Keiran Lee
are planning a peace offering to settle the differences between the
two. In attempts to give the best presents they can, the two men
decide to offer their wives to each other.

Size: 176 MB
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28/03/2010, 14:48
Brianna Beach - M1lf$ L1k3 1t B1g - Brianna in the Beach House



http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-D155_4BAA5218.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-D155_4BAA5218.html)

Brianna Beach invites her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend
up to her beach house. After an unexpected turn of events, Brianna
realizes that she's more attracted to her daughter's boyfriend more
so than her own. Brianna show her daughter's boyfriend how to
really enjoy all the guilty pleasure's of the beach house.

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28/03/2010, 14:50
Bridgette B - B1g W3t Butt$ - Fill My Cracks And Fuck My Ass


http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-2F71_4BAA5218.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-2F71_4BAA5218.html)

Bridgette B has been having a problem with cracks in her expensive tile
flooring. Fortunately for her, Derrick is an expert in the field of
crack filling. When Derrick is hired to come take a look at Bridgette's
crack problem, he finds out that she has a very special crack that needs
to be filled... Her ass crack.

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28/03/2010, 14:52
Brooke Belle - P0rnst@rs L1k3 1t B1g - 1-800-THIC-DIC



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Brooke Belle has just finished a day of shopping and is walking to her
car. She notices on her windshield a pamphlet for Big Dick Agency. She
decides her shopping is not over and orders a big dick to be sent
directly to her home. When she arrives at home her Big Dick Agency
package is waiting for her. When she opens it up she realizes that her
purchase was worth every penny.

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28/03/2010, 14:54
Charlee Chase - D0ct0r @dv3ntur3s - Medical cost on the rise



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Medical costs on the "rise": Silly Mr. Johnson seems to think that
he can get away without paying any of his medical bills. This doctor
is about to teach him a valuable lesson in making his paiments. She
demands a different way to clear up his bill.

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28/03/2010, 14:56
Codi Carmichael - B@by G0t B00b$ - Flasher vs Flasher



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Keiran has been the neighborhood flasher now for the last year or
so. He was considered the best until Codi came along! Codi, with
her perky tits and tight ass, has been hitting up all of his
local spots before he can get there and stealing his thunder!
Keiran is fed up of being out flashed by Codi and decides to
confront her face to face...mouth to cock...and cock to pussy! Is
there enough room for two flashers in this town? Find out...

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28/03/2010, 14:57
Kara Novak and Kacey Jordan - T33n$ L1k3 1t B1g - Blonde Beach Brats Get Blasted



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Kacey and Kara are having a good time oiling themselves up at
the nude beach. They don't realize that JT is watching them
rub and lick their young bodies nearby. JT decides that he
needs a piece of these two girls and covers himself in sand,
pretending to be trapped. When the girls run to help him, he
knows he has them. They dig out his cock and decide to clean
the sand from it.

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28/03/2010, 14:59
Kelly Divine - B1g W3t Butt$ - Getting aHead in Hollywood



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Innocent Kelly has just stepped off the bus in Hollywood,
determined to make a splash on the big screen. She's soon
picked up and introduced to a director who shows her what
it takes to make it in Hollywood.

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28/03/2010, 15:01
Renae Cruz - B@by G0t B00b$ - Keeping It in the circle



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Renae was out shopping when she caught her best friends boyfriend
Derrick with another chick. Renae a second away from calling her
friend thought of a better plan. She wouldn't tell her friend if
Derrick would fuck her good. The thought had previously passed
in Derrick's mind and you could tell by the way he was fucking her...

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28/03/2010, 15:04
Amber Peach - Butt$ & Bl@ck$ - Small town girl, Big time ass



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Introducing Miss. Amber Peach. Cute girl with a big ole butt!If you love
ass then you'll definitely love this white girl. This small town girl
never got enough black dick so when she hooked up with our boy she was
loving it!Watch as Mr.Long claims another big booty victim.

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28/03/2010, 15:07
Brandy Talore - JugFuck3r$ - Brandy Taylor MelonsJob



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OUTDOOR BRANDY TAYLOR ACTION! Today we found Brandy Taylor
outside playing basketball. This killer body teen is just
so hot and her big massive melons are simply irresistible!
There was no way that we would leave without tapping that
ass. Knowing that she sucked in basketball, we tricked her
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28/03/2010, 15:08
Donna Doll - Bu$tyz - Brazilian bombshell


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Brazilian girls are said to be the hottest and horniest girls in the
world and Donna Doll is no exception. This girl has a killer tight
body and huge round tits and we were so happy to finally get her to
do a scene with us that we made sure she would remember us for a long
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28/03/2010, 15:11
Jessica Lynn - B1g T1t$ @t W0rk - Peek-a-Boob



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Scott is an underachieveing employee that spends his time surfing
porn, playing with his webcam and checking out Mrs Lynn's huge
rack. Scott decides to hook up Mrs Lynn's webcam so he can get a
free peek of her juggs while day dreaming of fucking them. Mrs
Lynn catches Scott red-handed playing with himself. She confronts
him and punishes him by making him take care of her big boobs.

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28/03/2010, 15:12
Kayla Synz - B1g T1t$ @t W0rk - Redecorate My Wife



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Billy's wife has sent Kayla a house decorator to remodel the
house. Kayla has no shame telling Billy how ugly the house is
and that it's probably due to the fact that his wife is a
fat pig. Annoyed and bitter about Kayla's insulting comments
he decides to shut her up by shoving his fat cock in her mouth.

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28/03/2010, 15:14
Mia Bangg - B@by G0t B00b$ - Busty teen mia fucks



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the big titted teen to the BGB house just for you! We first oiled
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28/03/2010, 15:16
Misti Love - B@by G0t B00b$ - 34DD Misti



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Wow, Misti is as sexy as they come! From head to toe she's got it going on!
Sweet, suckling tits (34DD) and a juicy booty that begs for a pounding.
Not to mention a pair of legs that won't quit! She'll leave you wanting
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28/03/2010, 15:18
Sammie Rhodes and Madelyn Marie - H0t @nd M3@n - I'll Do Anything To Have This Sale


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Owner of Eve's Apple Juice Adult Toys Company, Madelyn Marie is going
business to business to sell her top of the line products. Toys for
woman of all ages and shapes. After a really nice pitch, her client,
Sammie is almost convinced about the quality of the products and wants
a little tryout to make sure that she is buying the best of the best.
Hearing this was the best news for Madelyn who was more than happy
to oblige satifying her new client.

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Duration: 37:22
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28/03/2010, 15:20
Shawna Lenee and Francesca Le - M0mmy G0t B00b$ - Gold Diggin' & Friggin'



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When it comes to gold digging, Shawna is at the top of her game. Using
her vast array of techniques, she has landed a millionaire named Scott.
Much to Shawna's irritation, Scott has a thing for MILFs. Fortunately,
Shawna has a fellow gold digging accomplice named Francesca who fits
the bill perfectly. Will this diggin' duo bail him out of his pocket
book? Flip out your dick and find out.

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28/03/2010, 15:21
Vannah Sterling - M0mmy G0t B00b$ - Bigger Tits, Bigger Fun



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Vannah can?t stop staring at her new, huge tits.Realizing that none
of her tops fit anymore, she uses this as a perfect excuse to shop
and show off her new body. Once at Br@22ers Boutique, Jordan takes
it upon himself to help Vannah with all of her needs. But it?s hard
to remain professional when Vannah is shaking her huge tits all over
the place. Jordan decides what this little slut really needs is
his big cock in her mouth and pussy!

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03/04/2010, 17:16
Anastasia Christ - B1g W3t Butt$ - Big Russian Ass



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WOW what an ass. Anastascia is just awesome. She came in and made
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pussy and asshole then again mouth, pussy, ass. So we pumped her
Russian asshole hard just like she wants it.

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03/04/2010, 17:19
Angel Jay - Br@22ers V@ult - A Big Addiction



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Angel is a big dick addict! All she talks about is big dick. Her
brother is in the house with his friend Johnny talking about
random guy stuff. When he learns that his friend's sister is all
about big dick, Johnny decides to play a prank on her. He does so
by sliding his erect cock through a hole in the tent where Angel
and her friend are in the backyard camping. Angel thinks her friend
is playing a joke on her, until she realizes that it?s Johnny. She
gets him in the tent and decides to take that big cock for herself.

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03/04/2010, 17:22
Harmony Rose and Adrianna Deville - B1g Butt$ L1k3 1t B1g - Living it up in Paris


http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-A53E_4BB3BB96.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-A53E_4BB3BB96.html)

Adriana and Harmony go to Paris on a business trip. They are away
from their husbands and feel the need to try new cocks. So they
call up some local male escorts to fuck the shit out of them in
their hotel room. Alec and Marco show up and use their big cocks
to give these bitches a much deserved pounding.

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03/04/2010, 17:25
Jayna Woods - Butt$ & Bl@cks - Club Chick



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The only brotha that appreciates a white chick with an ass more than
me is my boy Byron. Bryon met this hot girl with a tight ass in the
club the night before and hooked up a rendezvous the next day. My man
moves fast and when you see this girl you'll know why. My boy Bryon
put it on her and made for one of our best updates.

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03/04/2010, 17:28
Kayla Quinn - Br@22ers V@ult - Mrs Quinn From Across the Street



http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-C97C_4BB3BB96.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-C97C_4BB3BB96.html)

Kayla decides to pass by her old friend Jamie's house to do a
little catching up. Preoccupied by Kayla's presence she
realizes she forgot to pick up her daughter. She tells Kayla
to stay at her place and get ready to go out at night. While
Kayla is getting prepared Jamie's son Seth comes home and
barges in on her in the washroom. Kayla is stunned how much
Seth has grown and decides to make him even more of a man.

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03/04/2010, 17:31
Lexi Cummins - B@by G0t B00b$ - Busty Teen with an Awesome Body



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Lexi Cummins is another hot busty newcomer with one of the hottest
bodies I have ever seen! What a tight body she has on her with
perfectly shaped big tits. If that’s not enough to get you excited
you should see her in action! This girl sucks cock like a real pro!
She was all over this big hard cock, deep throating and spitting
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a great chick. We finished her off with another cum shower all over
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03/04/2010, 17:33
Lezley Zen - M0mmy G0t B00b$ - It's a No Brainer Fucking the MILF Trainer



http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-A0A6_4BB3BB96.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-A0A6_4BB3BB96.html)

Lezley Zen's working as a personal trainer and she's got a new client, but
she doesn't know which of the two guys it is in the gym. Johnny Sins tricks
the other guy into leaving the gym so he's alone for some one on one time
with Lezley. First Lezley shows him some proper ways to toning some muscles,
then later Johnny shows Lezley some hot work outs that gets her sweating!

Size: 124 MB
Duration: 27:37
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03/04/2010, 17:36
Memphis Monroe - D0ct0r @dv3ntur3s - Flu Shot Gone Bad



http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-FADD_4BB3BB96.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-FADD_4BB3BB96.html)

Dr. Monroe is used to seeing grown men cringe at the thought of getting
their prostate exam. But she is not impressed when a healthy grown man
like Mr.Pierce, is afraid to get his flu shot. He refuses to get his
shot during the check up and Dr. Monroe has to take necessary action.
She grabs the large flu shot needle, and sticks it into the cheek of her
own ass. This backfires though as she has taken the wrong shot and
injected herself with Libido. The toxins cause her to get sexually with
Derrick as she takes his large needle of a cock for a ride.

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03/04/2010, 17:39
Petra Lovka - Bu$tyz - Euro Busty Beauty


http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-0C43_4BB3BB96.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-0C43_4BB3BB96.html)

Petra is back Bustyz fans!This young, sexy Bustyz veteran delivers
another hot scene via Europe. This scene has all what us true Bustyz
fans love. Great Huge Tits oiled, smacked, fucked and this tall
glass of sexy got her tight pussy fucked hard! Excellent tit and
hardcore action

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03/04/2010, 17:41
Sara Jay - JugFuck3r$ - Huge Titty Fucking



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WOW Sara Jay came to see us with her massive tits, she was wearing a
revealing outfit which drove us crazy. However since this is the
famous Sara Jay she did not tease us to long before showing us the
goodies. WOW those are some fucking huge tits, no wonder everyone
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03/04/2010, 18:57
Ariella Ferrera - M1lf$ L1k3 1t B1g - Karate Chop My Dick



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Ariella Ferrera has been scared to walk home alone at night lately
because of all the creeps lurking the streets wanting to find some
easy breezy pussy. She decided to take some self defense classes
but during the session she is too shy to ask the instructor
questions. She waits until the end of class to really get the answers
she's looking for. The eyes of an eagle wouldn't be able to
determine the path ahead. Ariella gets exactly what she wants in
life, a huge dick slammed straight up her va jay jay.

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03/04/2010, 19:00
Chloe Dior - B@by G0t B00b$ - Busty Chloe Dior



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The busty blonde teen Chloe Dior coming through! Today we got the hot
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teasing us by playing with her huge boobies. She sucked her titties so
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03/04/2010, 19:04
Kayla Cupcakes - M0mmy G0t B00b$ - Busty mom Kayla Kupcakes



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Talk about a horny mommy!!! All this busty milf kept begging
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want to stop...even after our guy showered her with a big load
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03/04/2010, 19:06
Laura Lion - B1g W3t Butt$ - Simply The Best



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What else can you ask for? This slut has a cute face, big bouncy
tits, and a big round ass that is opened for service. So there is
not much left to do besides fuck her mouth, tits, pussy and her asshole.

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03/04/2010, 19:09
Sasha Knox - H0t Ch1ck$ B1g Ass3s - Girl next door turned Anal Frea



http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-7230_4BB5BDD6.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-7230_4BB5BDD6.html)

When speaking of a hot chick with big ass, you must mention Sasha
Knox in the same sentence. She is one of the hottest girls in the
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An ass like this is a site to see especially as she gets anal
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03/04/2010, 19:13
Sienna West and Sara Stone - H0t @nd M3an - The Carpet Cleaner


http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-7AB0_4BB5BDD6.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-7AB0_4BB5BDD6.html)

Sara has been scheduled to clean out Sienna's new office, she
is known as the Carpet Cleaner of all kind. But today not only
she has to clean the room carpet but also she will have to go
deep into Sienna's secret carpet to clean up the dirty mixture
out of her pussy before she cums all over the dildo of hers.

Size: 189 MB
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03/04/2010, 19:18
Sonia Lopez - Butt$ & Bl@ck$ - Hot and spicy


http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-AC53_4BB5BDD6.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-AC53_4BB5BDD6.html)

Another latin chick comes our way this week. Meet Sonia Lopez
God Daaaammmmn! what an ass this chick has!!! This whore
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every hole!! She fuckin' loved it so much she even started
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03/04/2010, 19:20
Sophia Gently - @n@l adv3ntur3 - Anal adventure



http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-DE9C_4BB5BDD6.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-DE9C_4BB5BDD6.html)

Sophia Gently is a real anal sex lover, her husband couldn't catch
up with her so she asked him to let her fuck a guy she met online.
He had no choice but to agree! See how her tight ass gets oiled up
and fucked hard by a big cock while her husband watches and gets the
whole thing on video.

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03/04/2010, 19:23
Veronique Vega and Adrianna - Br@22ers V@ult - Raving all night



http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-F482_4BB5BDD6.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-F482_4BB5BDD6.html)

Adrianna & Veronique went out for a night on the town to get their
dance on. But the DJ had something to do with where they ended up.
They Ran into DJ Sins in an alleyway and he was more then happy to
drive their fine asses home. These too young and eager teens wanted
to see more of the dj's dick, so they invited him over...

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Duration: 41:09
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03/04/2010, 19:24
Whitney Stevens - JugFuck3r$ - WHATCH OUT WHITNEY STEVENS


http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-A0D7_4BB5BDD6.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-A0D7_4BB5BDD6.html)

Hey guys! Today we invited the busty babe Whitney Stevens in our studio. The
big titted hotty told us that she loves getting titty fucked. Before giving
her that special attention, we played with her huge melons. Then Whitney gives
us an amazing teasing. The big boy was mad hard. Once, the big boy inserted
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Finally the big boy pushed a huge load on her big floppy bags! Trust me
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03/04/2010, 19:27
Angelica Sin - R@ck$ & Bl@ck$ - Angelica Sin interracial


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Wow...Talk about a busty woman who's not afraid of a big black cock!
Angelica was eager to take that cock deep in her mouth, pussy and ass!
Our homeboy gave it to this huge boobed honey as hard as he could! By
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03/04/2010, 19:31
Asa Akira - R3@l W1f3 St0r1es - Meditate While I Slam Your Wife



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Asa and her husband have been having trouble in the bedroom for
years now. Pete is usually a stallion in the sack sexing woman
left right and center, but because of Asa's incredibly soft and
sweet pussy, he ejaculates in 3 seconds every time. The visit Dr
Sins who deals with these kind of problems every day. He makes
Pete meditate about not ejaculating too quickly and then turns
his focuses to Asa's succulent vagina that needs to be fucked
for a few hours.

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03/04/2010, 19:33
Brandy Talore - JugFuck3rs - Brandy Has The Perfect Jug Fucking Tits



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Brandy Taylor is just the kind of girl you cannot get enough of! She
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03/04/2010, 19:38
Cory Everson - Bu$ty & R3@l - Busty Cory Working out


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Cory Everson is looking fitter and sexier than ever. She begins
stripping for us on her exercise machine. Cory begins playing
with her huge boobs and starts getting wet. This tanned bodied
model does everything right and is awesome to look at. She takes
her giant dildo and fucks her pussy until she climaxes hard.

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03/04/2010, 19:41
Dylan Ryder - M1lf$ L1k3 1t B1g - Video Store Incident



http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-FABD_4BB7873A.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-FABD_4BB7873A.html)

Day dreams happen to most of us, so when Dylan learns the Video
store manager was an ex-porn star, she knows that a cock like
that can't go unused. She's one huge cock craving Milf that's
about to get what she wants.

Size: 120 MB
Duration: 29:06
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03/04/2010, 19:44
Jessica Valentino - Br@22ers V@ult - I'm Due For A Good Pounding



http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-2952_4BB7873A.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-2952_4BB7873A.html)

Jessica and her best friend are out shopping and making fun of men
along the way. She then runs into a man that brags that he could give
her a good pounding to put her into place. Being someone that doesn't
back down from challenges, Jessica takes him on the offer for a
pounding and they go wild at it for a fuck marathon.

Size: 158 MB
Duration: 34:53
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03/04/2010, 19:46
Lauren Phoenix - Butt$ & Bl@ck$ - Perfect Butt



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There is only one thing that can satisfy this big butted whore and thats
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03/04/2010, 19:48
Mason Moore - B1g T1t$ @t Sch00l - Abusing the after-school program



http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-80CC_4BB7873A.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-80CC_4BB7873A.html)

It?s hard to believe at times how fast time flies, that isn?t any
different for Mason Moore as she looks over her High school year
book. She remembers a time when she was caught on video having
sex with a classmate, now, that tape has resurfaced but no one
knows who has it and it?s apparently in the wrong hands.

Size: 183 MB
Duration: 40:44
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03/04/2010, 19:49
Mercedes Ashley - R@ck$ & Bl@ck$ - Tanned Babe gets pounded



http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-43AC_4BB7873A.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-43AC_4BB7873A.html)

Mercedes approaches Slegehammer wearing a sexy red dress, her tits
look really huge. She begins sucking his enormous cock and titfucks
it hard. After some ball licking, Mercedes bends her tight ass over
to take this monstercock deep in her pussy. You gotta see her ride
him reverse cowgirl, her tits bounce all over the place - a real treat.
She really gets her tight pussy fucked hard. Mercedes then goes on
all fours, and takes it doggystyle. After getting fucked in a few
other solid positions, she opends wide for an awesome facial.

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03/04/2010, 19:51
Riley Evans - D0ct0r Adv3ntur3s - Don't fear the Dentist



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We should all have tooth aches more often so we can visit Dr. Riley
Evans! That's what Johnny Nitro did all right, and he got the
treatment of a lifetime! Dr. Evans made sure he would have to come
again for "routine check ups"... Pretty sure he'll be calling back
for a new appointment.

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Duration: 41:39
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07/04/2010, 16:23
Carly Parker - JugFuck3r$ - Carly Parker titjob


http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-B55B_4BB9E2A6.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-B55B_4BB9E2A6.html)

Carly is the type of girl that loves showing off those huge melons! She
came to us hoping to have those giant boobs fucked by a big hard cock!
So, we brought in one of our big tit experts, Maui Kain, to handle those
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07/04/2010, 16:27
Cassidy Blue - R@ck$ & Bl@ck$ - Blonde tight white booty getting smashed by a blac



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This BEAUTIFUL blonde babe, Cassidy Blue, just totally gets DESTROYED
by our boy Charlie's beyond-gigantic beastly cock!!! Wow this unbelievable
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07/04/2010, 16:30
Cindy Dollar - B1g T1t$ @t Sch00l - A pussy in need, needs a cock indeed



http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-02CD_4BB9E2A6.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-02CD_4BB9E2A6.html)

Professor Dollar is tired of seeing Johnny sleep in all her
Czech literature classes, so she teaches him a lesson he can
actually remember

Size: 109 MB
Duration: 24:11
Type: MP4


07/04/2010, 16:34
Holly Morgan - R3@l W1f3 St0r1es - My Best Friend's Wife... The Payback


http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-E115_4BB9E2A6.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-E115_4BB9E2A6.html)

Charles got to fuck Jordan's wife , so it was only fair for their
friendship if Jordan fucked Charles's wife. Charles wasn't alright
with it at all, but he had to honor his word. The only thing is that
Charles wife wanted him to watch the whole thing and so he did. All
is well in the end, Charles and Jordan are once again the best of
friends....thanks to understanding women.

Size: 147 MB
Duration: 32:11
Type: MP4


07/04/2010, 16:36
Isis Love - B1g T1t$ 1n Un1f0rm - Treasure Hunt Fuck



http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-7743_4BB9E2A6.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-7743_4BB9E2A6.html)

Isis has been on the hunt for a very ancient treasure for many
years. Her nemesis Johnny Sins has been looking for the same
treasure. Johnny gets to the treasure first but Isis uses her
magical tits to get half of the stash. Big dicks between big
tits and a lot of sexy fucking.

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Duration: 41:49
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07/04/2010, 16:38
Krissy Lynn - P0rnst@rs L1k3 1t B1g - I Am Not A Robot



http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-8809_4BB9E2A6.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-8809_4BB9E2A6.html)

A young horny genius builds robots in his secluded mansion and uses
them for sexual fulfillment. His quest to create his first flawless
robot is short lived as the robots develop human emotions and
jealousy begins to tear their relationships apart. Starring Johnny
Sins and Krissy Lynn in this pornographic science fiction thriller
that keeps you on the edge of your seat with your hard dick in your
hand. Warning! This video contains scenes of course language,
nudity, and violence. Viewers discretion is advised.

Size: 144 MB
Duration: 33:48
Type: MP4


07/04/2010, 16:40
Misty Vonage - Br@22ers V@ult - Mommy to the rescue



http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-12AD_4BB9E2A6.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-12AD_4BB9E2A6.html)

Misty's daughter has been expelled from college for being a slut. The
Dean calls Misty in to explain the situation but Misty knows how to
save her daughter's career. The Dean is so clueless and doesn't know
whats coming for him.

Size: 161 MB
Duration: 35:30
Type: MP4


07/04/2010, 16:42
Stephanie Richards - T33n$ L1k3 1t B1g - Peanut butter and jelly sandwich



http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-19DE_4BB9E2A6.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-19DE_4BB9E2A6.html)

Keiran and Stephanie just got back from Spring break, now they
are getting ready for their final exams. Kerian is offered a
PB&J but he has never had one because the British don't eat them,
however Stephanie jokes about never seeing a huge cock and that
websites like Br@22ers fake the size. Keiran is personal offended
because he is a fan and so takes the matter into his own hands
as he ploughs his huge cock into her tight teeny pussy.

Size: 169 MB
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07/04/2010, 16:43
Stephanie Wylde - Bu$tyz - Pretty Face With Big Tits



http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-754B_4BB9E2A6.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-754B_4BB9E2A6.html)

We invited Stephanie over because she has nice big tits. We
played a game of pool with her, checked out her great
cleavage and made her loose her clothing. We made Stephanie
play around with her big tits and tease us before we brought
her to get fucked. Stephanie and her great tits gave us a
very good scene that is sure to please the big tit lovers. Enjoy!

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07/04/2010, 16:44
Ava Rose - P0rnst@rs L1k3 1t B1g - The Br@22er Hour


http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-7212_4BBCCE7B.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-7212_4BBCCE7B.html)

Ava Rose is the host of "The Br@22er Hour", a show mostly known
for bashing men on a regular basis. Today's show is all about
finding a man with a huge cock. After receiving a few deceiving
calls, Scott Nails shows up in the studio and gives Ava a taste
of what she's been missing: A big fat cock.

Size: 122 MB
Duration: 26:39
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07/04/2010, 16:47
Avy Scott and Rachel Starr - D0ct0r @dv3ntur3s - Dr Fuck-a-lot



http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-E3CB_4BBCCE7B.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-E3CB_4BBCCE7B.html)

Dr Fuck-a-lot is back at it again, this time he is on duty with Nurse Starr and
Scott. They just can not waste the chance that arises when their operation
procedure ends earlier than scheduled.

Size: 211 MB
Duration: 46:51
Type: MP4


07/04/2010, 16:49
Crissy Cums - Butt$ & Bl@ck$ - White hoe hungry for Chocolate



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You gotta love a white girl with a big, round booty!and i know y'all
agree which is why i know y'all are gonna love you some Crissy Cums!
Plus this white girl loves black dick, loves it!She was all over my
man Jon Jon's dick. Deepthroating(Tried anyway),spittng, and cumming
all over his dick like crazy! That big ass got oiled,smacked and
fucked real fucking good.

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07/04/2010, 16:51
Hunter Bryce - M0mmy G0t B00b$ - You Wanna Go For A Ride



http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-A190_4BBCCE7B.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-A190_4BBCCE7B.html)

Charles gets a brand new car and wants to go cruising for some
chicks with his best friend Doug, but he is not feeling up to
it. On the other hand, Doug's sexy mom Mrs. Hunter is totally
up for it. As there riding Mrs. Hunter seems to be possessed by
the car and starts to act like her younger hornier self and
begins flashing her tits everywhere. Caught up in the moment
she gives Charles a ride for his life.

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07/04/2010, 16:55
Jada Stevens - T33n$ L1k3 1t Bl@ck - Mmmm! My Sisters Boyfriends Cock



http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-A8BB_4BBCCE7B.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-A8BB_4BBCCE7B.html)

Jada walks into the room where her sister is playing cards with
her boyfriend Jody. Annoyed by Jada's presence and her constant
flirtatious, and slutty behavior she tells her to leave the room.
Jada continues to act like a stubborn bitch and continues being
an annoyance in her sisters presence. Fed up by her sister she
leaves the room and Jada as usual gets what she wants, which is
her sisters boyfriends big black cock.

Size: 153 MB
Duration: 34:08
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07/04/2010, 16:57
Jasmine Jolie - T33n$ L1k3 1t B1g - Older Guys Measures Up



http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-65B6_4BBCD30F.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-65B6_4BBCD30F.html)

Jasmine is over at her friend Joanna's house and they're talking
about how to get older guys. Jasmine then asks Joanna to hook
her up with her old brother Keiran. Joanna refuses, so Jasmine
decides to introduce herself. She finds Keiran in the bathroom
taking a shower and notices his big dick and is stunned! She is
instantly turned on and what to know what it feels like to have
his big dick inside her! She got on his dick as soon as he got
out of the shower and it got real wet and steamy in there!

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07/04/2010, 17:03
Sara Stone - Bu$ty & R3@l - Sara Hardcore



http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-923F_4BBCD30F.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-923F_4BBCD30F.html)

HOLY SHIT!!! If you dont recognize this beauty or her very busty
naturals, then shame on you! This beauty is, of course, SARA STONE!
When we think of Sara, we think young, very beautiful, good spirited,
and oh yeah, one of the best sets of big titties around! We were
really excited and couldnt wait to have her! Of course, we had to
start her off by showing off those giant melons. She was shaking
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help himself...he needed to Sara to go below the belt and suck that
cock! To no ones surprise though, Andy seemed more interested in
squeezing that cock right between those nice big boobs! Then Andy
finished the job, and gave Sara a nice hard fucking that we certainly
wont forget! Saras tits were bouncing and shaking all over the place
as she took a nice hard ramming from Andys cock! Andy couldnt wait to
give those giant round tits a big load! Must we go on in explaining
how fucking awesome this girl is?!

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07/04/2010, 17:09
Velicity Von - Bu$ty & R3@l - Velicity Solo


http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-43E5_4BBCD30F.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-43E5_4BBCD30F.html)

Check out these amazing huge tits! Velicity Von must have some
of the biggest and most perfect natural breasts on the net! They
are huge, soft and perfectly round. This chick is a must for
any big natural tit lover!

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07/04/2010, 17:12
Victoria Spencer - R@ck$ & Bl@ck$ - This Nasty British Slut Sucks a Mean Cock and Love



http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-B0D1_4BBCD30F.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-B0D1_4BBCD30F.html)

Holy fuck! Victoria Spencer had no idea what she was getting involved
with when she agreed to fuck Brian Pumper!! She gets her pink pussy
fucked by his monster black cock but the worst part is she LOVES it!!!
This slut can't go a day without fucking and you can tell this is the
truth just by the way she rides his slippery dick!!! This nasty broad
gets a load all over her enormous rack! Come watch her suck and fuck
this black rod!!!

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07/04/2010, 17:16
Zoe Britton and Shyla Stylez - H0t @nd M3@n - I Need a Lesbian's Opinion


http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-2013_4BBCD30F.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-2013_4BBCD30F.html)

Zoe walks into a clothing store and notices that both the male
and female clerks can't keep their eyes off her. The male clerk
tries his hardest to get her number but Zoe doesn't show him
any interest, however she shows plenty of interest towards Shyla.

Size: 111 MB
Duration: 24:48
Type: MP4


18/04/2010, 14:07
Amber Rayne - T33n$ L1k3 1t Bl@ck - The Finer Things in Life

http://img206.imagevenue.com/loc89/th_56824_0731_123_89lo.jpg (http://img206.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=56824_0731_123_89lo.jpg)http://img40.imagevenue.com/loc512/th_56826_0801_123_512lo.jpg (http://img40.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=56826_0801_123_512lo.jpg)

http://img158.imagevenue.com/loc759/th_56850_0958_123_759lo.jpg (http://img158.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=56850_0958_123_759lo.jpg)http://img202.imagevenue.com/loc52/th_56851_0963_123_52lo.jpg (http://img202.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=56851_0963_123_52lo.jpg)

http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-CA47_4BC8E401.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-CA47_4BC8E401.html)

Amber and her rich cocky boyfriend head to the restaurant and are
constantly bickering at each other. While trying to enjoy a meal,
Julius walks into the restaurant and sits right beside them. Julius
listens in on their conversation and decides to move in and take
Amber away from her annoying boyfriend. The boyfriend gets so
jealous that he storms out of the restaurant, and Julius then shows
Amber that there are more important thing in life then money.

Size: 212 MB
Duration: 47:08
Type: MP4


18/04/2010, 14:12
Ava Devine - JugFuck3r$ - Ava devine big juggs fucked

http://pic.leech.it/i/c9911/d0d22530132.jpg (http://pic.leech.it/pic.php?id=d0d22530132.jpg)

http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-0940_4BC8E401.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-0940_4BC8E401.html)

Here She COMES AGAIN!! Ava Devine, the lusicous monster titted
latina is BACK! Ava loved her first experience so she begged
us to come back. This busty pornstar is simply too fucking much.
Big ass tits, phat round butt, sexy latina face and juicy lips
that make you wanna stuff your cock in her mouth! We love Ava
and she loves us so we made that one special for you peeps. I
wont tell you too much cause it is hard to describe but just
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18/04/2010, 14:15
Chantal Ferrera - Bu$tyz - Healthy Package

http://pic.leech.it/i/aa3db/934bb6b0032.jpg (http://pic.leech.it/pic.php?id=934bb6b0032.jpg)

http://www.kemipic.com/thumb-C346_4BC8E401.jpg (http://www.kemipic.com/share-C346_4BC8E401.html)

It's been said that staring at breasts is great for your
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18/04/2010, 14:18
Honey West - M1lf$ L1k3 1t B1g - Bride's best man's got a big dick

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It's her big wedding day and bride Honey West can't stop thinking
about Keiran; her fiance's best man. Keiran fucked Honey a week
before the wedding, and all Honey wants now is Keiran's big dick.
Keiran comes to get Honey and to see why it's taking her so long
to get to the altar, that's when Honey shows Keiran that something
so wrong can feel so good.

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18/04/2010, 14:24
Lisa Ann and Tori Black - H0t @nd M3@n - Naughty Lesbian Daughter

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Lisa Ann has been a maid for the Black family for many years and today
she has lost her job. Mrs. Black has found a double ended dildo in
Lisa's room. Sad thing is that the dildo doesn't belong to Lisa it
belongs to Tori, Mrs. Blacks daughter. When Tori confesses to Lisa
that the toys are in fact hers, Lisa takes matters into her own hands
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Memphis Monroe - B1g T1t$ @t W0rk - One for the Truckers, Two for the Tits

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Here's one for all you hard workin' truckers out there!!! After
a hard day's work, Jordan invites Memphis back at his place for
a drink, or a stiff one, as Memphis would call it...

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18/04/2010, 14:29
Nautica Thorn - R@ck$ & Bl@ck$ - Perfect Asian

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WOW this slut is fucking hot. She was laying on the couch waiting for us, she
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18/04/2010, 14:36
Rebecca Love - R@ck$ & Bl@ck$ - Busty Brunette fucked hard

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Rebecca walks down the stairs looking fine as hell in this scene. Her
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She begins giving him one hell of a BJ. Rachel bends over to take
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18/04/2010, 14:39
Vanessa Leon - T33n# L1k3 1t B1g - The Story of the Little cock craving girl

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Once upon a time lived a little teeny who could not handle a big cock,
her friends laughed and laughed at her. Everyday she would try and try
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Vanessa Leon - T33n# L1k3 1t B1g - The Story of the Little cock craving girl

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Once upon a time lived a little teeny who could not handle a big cock,
her friends laughed and laughed at her. Everyday she would try and try
and say to herself, " I know I can, I know I can" The other teenies
looked down at her until one day Big Cock Johnny changed it all. She
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