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    Solo para Aportes Exclusivos Discografia de Drop Dead,Gorgeous [MU][EXC]

    Drop Dead, Gorgeous

    Drop Dead, Gorgeous es una banda estadounidense de post-hardcore y metalcore formada en Denver, Colorado, en 2005. Esta banda ha publicado tres álbumes: In Vogue en 2006, Whorse Than A Fairy Tale en 2007, y The Hot n' Heavy en 2009.
    ''In Vogue'' (2006)

    01. Dressed For Friends Request
    02. Girl, Are You On Your….
    03. E.R.
    04. Well, I Never…
    05. Knife Vs. Face: Round 1
    06. Marietta
    07. Are You Happy
    08. Fashion Your Seatbelt
    09. In Vogue
    10. Daniel, Where’s The Boat?
    11. The Show Must Go On

    PASS: www.portalnet.cl

    ''Be Mine, Valentine'' (2006)

    01. Forever Scarlet
    02. Bullets Are Scene
    03. Knife Vs. Face: Round I
    04. Love Is Murder
    05. Well, I Never Knew You Were So Much Fun
    06. Knife Vs. Face: Round II
    PASS: www.portalnet.cl

    ''Worse Than A Fairy Tale'' (2007)

    01. Red Or White Wine?
    02. Drawing The Devil
    03. The Pleasure To End All Pleasures
    04. Worse Than A Fairy Tale
    05. They’ll Never Get Me (Word With You)
    06. It Sounded Like An Accident
    07. 45223
    08. It’s Pretty Hard To Beat The King
    09. Donner, Party Of Five
    10. Saylor Lake
    11. Bye Bye Blues (The Whole West Coast Is Ruined)
    12. I Want To Master Life And Death
    PASS: www.portalnet.cl

    ''The Hot N' Heavy'' (2009)

    01. Killing A Classic
    02. Southern Lovin’ (Belle Of The Ball)
    03. Beat The Devil Out Of It
    04. Two Birds, One Stone
    05. Sue Simmons! Watch Your Mouth
    06. Fame
    07. (The) Internet Killed The Video Star
    08. Can’t Fight Biology
    09. There’s No Business Like Snow Business
    10. Interlude 1
    11. Dirtier Than You Want To Know
    12. We’re Planning, God’s Laughing
    PASS: www.portalnet.cl
    Link Malo

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    gracias darko
    buenisima esta discografia perro


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    muchisimas gracias

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    se agradece!!!

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    Se agradece tus aportes.

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    Gracias por la discografia

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    cual es la contraseña , porfabor si me la podrias decir !!!

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    Cita Iniciado por imklauu Ver Mensaje
    cual es la contraseña , porfabor si me la podrias decir !!!
    Murio la imagen donde salia.

    Prueba con: www.portalnet.cl

    Si no: portalnet.cl



    Una de esas.


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    Muchas graciaaas :D:D !!! enserio la nesesitaba

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