Información SUGARfx Revolve 360 v1.0.2 for Final Cut Pro X, AE & Premiere (macOS)

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    SUGARfx Revolve 360 v1.0.2 for Final Cut Pro X, AE &
    Premiere (macOS)
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    Descriptions for SUGARfx Revolve 360 1.0.2
    Name: SUGARfx Revolve 360
    Version: 1.0.2
    Web Site:
    Revolve 360- Starting a new evolution.
    SUGARfx Revolve 360 is an effect that provides the capabilities of editing and animating spherical
    video and still images right in the timeline of your favorite application.
    Revolve 360 is available for Final Cut Pro X, Motion, After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro in the
    same installation.
    With Revolve 360 you have all the control of how your film is experienced and you can make sure
    the viewer enjoys your film the way you envisioned it.
    Evolve with Revolve 360
    Shooting spherical videos is challenging and fun, however the ultimate decision of how your film is
    viewed is in the hands of the interactive user via a VR device. That’s all fine if VR is what you want.
    With Revolve 360 you become the decision maker, and tell the story of your film the way you want,
    from any angle that you want, using the similarities of a VR experience in a version that you are
    actually directing, editing and controling.
    Revolve 360 is an Editor’s tool where the Editor becomes the Director and controls the framing and
    viewing of a specific area of the captured 360° panorama.
    Imagine showing the same moment from several angles, be it the happy couple and the joyful guests
    at a wedding reception, the fans reaction while their team scores a goal during a soccer match, or a
    conversation between two actors, never missing a piece of the action or the reaction.
    With Revolve 360 you can communicate your ideas without missing a frame.
    What’s New in SUGARfx Revolve 360 1.0.2
    Release notes not available at the time of this post.
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