[DD] Tales of Zestiria: Original Soundtrack [MF]

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    Disco 1
    01 Lore of the Shepherd
    02 Footsteps of the Disaster
    03 Unchanging Everyday
    04 Mountain Ruins Overflowing with Passion for History
    05 Uphold Your Will with a Sword in Hand
    06 Sparkling Victory in Your Hands
    07 The Peaceful Hometown
    08 Sorey’s Theme -Purity-
    09 Setting Off
    10 The Exciting First Journey
    11 The Sparrowfeathers
    12 The Capital with a Beautiful Lake and the Holy Sword
    13 The Hellion’s Assault
    14 Festival that Creates Hope
    15 The Feelings of the Princess and Her People
    16 Ceremony of the Purifying Flame’s Light
    17 Devised Riot
    18 Flames of the Unclean
    19 Sorey’s Dream
    20 The Holy Sword is Drawn
    21 The Hope Revives with the Holy Sword
    22 Cheer Yourself Up
    23 The Unclean
    24 The Story that is Passed Down
    25 Ancient Architecture from Where You Can Feel the Remnants of History
    26 The Swirling Intentions
    27 The Wise One -TOZ ver.-
    28 Journeys of the Previous Shepherd
    29 Sacred Mountain Where the Dragon’s Roar
    30 Mystery Known by the Seraphim
    31 Bottom of the Large Tree that Hosts the Epidemic
    32 Mysterious Existence that Heals the Mind
    33 People Who Understand the Benefits of the Large Tree
    34 The Creeping Shadow
    35 Invition of the Mural

    Disco 2
    01 Sorey’s Theme -The Shepherd-
    02 Clash
    03 Endless Battle
    04 The Sad Power that Overwhelms People
    05 The Lord of Calamity
    06 The Lost Spiritual Power
    07 The Shepherd is Rescued
    08 Deep Forest that Covers the Sky
    09 Civilization that Didn’t Enjoy Prosperity
    10 Combine Your Fists and Proceed Your Path
    11 Eternally Shining Light of Victory
    12 The Soul of Craftsmen Overflowing with Energy
    13 The Way of Predecessors Colors Curiosity
    14 Enlightening within Yourself
    15 The Moment of End Arrives Suddenly
    16 Long Rain that Threatens People’s Hearts
    17 Unforgetable Feelings
    18 Within the Holy Tranquility
    19 Modest Living
    20 Sanctuary Where Gods Gather
    21 The Overwatching Seraphim
    22 Majestic Metropolis with an Ancient Appearance
    23 Confusion Caused by the Calamity
    24 Overcome the Hesitation
    25 The One Protected by the Wind
    26 Fate of the Shepherd
    27 Essence of an Adventure is Exploration
    28 People Fascinated by the Ancient’s Traces
    29 Despair and Awakening
    30 The Eternal Era
    31 Truth of the Beginning
    32 The Guide
    33 Spread Your Wings and Open Your Future

    Disco 3
    01 Alisha’s Theme
    02 Overcome This Crisis
    03 Zaveid the Exile
    04 Aim for the Top of the Crucible
    05 Flaming Bonds are Being Tested
    06 Competing with the Honor of the Land
    07 Melody of Water is the Guide in Spiritual Mist
    08 Fight Between the Wind and the Blinking Sky
    09 New Power Awakens
    10 Existence to be Feared
    11 Rising Up
    12 Determination of the Two
    13 Journey’s End
    14 The Way of Katz

    Disco 4
    01 The War Starts Once Again
    02 Unclean that Erodes the Seraphim
    03 Formless Symbol of the Disaster
    04 The Final Doubts
    05 The Moment When Disaster Turns into Hope
    06 Crumbling Peace
    07 Blooming Flowers of Confusion
    08 Throne of the God that Caused Everything
    09 Take Up Your Bow and Shoot Out the Truth
    10 Beyond the Ultimate
    11 Remaining Hesitation, Sought Resolution
    12 I Won’t Forget This Pain
    13 Parental Love
    14 Chaotic Calamity That’s One with a God
    15 Chaotic Calamity That’s One with a God -Awakening-
    16 Bet Everything on the Lion’s Roar
    17 Results of a Decision
    18 The Land is Freed
    19 Memories Coloring the Journey
    20 Passing Down the Gathered Feelings
    21 The Eternal Dream
    22 Unforgettable Existence
    23 Aerial Labyrinth Wavering in the Hollowness
    24 Finale Where Melodies and Flashing Fists Intersect
    25 Immortal Dragon that’s Connected to the Roots of Earth
    26 Unrest Footsteps with No End
    27 Image BGM “Tales of Zestiria”


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